International Signs LED Exhibition (ISLE) 2022

International LED display Exhibition in Shenzhen China    About ISLE     ISLE (International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition, International Logo and LED Exhibition) is a top exhibition for LED display screen, video integration system and outdoor LED display for advertising signs and equipment.   ISLE will be held at China Shenzhen International Convention […]

How to bad weather LED outdoor movie Screen

How to tackle extreme weather for LED outdoor movie screen? Extreme weather such as high temperature, strong winds, heavy rains and thunder often give a challenge to LED Outdoor movie screen. As such, it needs a higher degree of resistance to tackle so that it can function as normal.  And so how should the LED […]

LED Walls

THE LED WALL BUYING GUIDE What is the ultimate LED walls set up? This is the question that we get more than any other.

How to buy the right LED Panel?

How to buy the Right LED display ?   LED display panel  is composed of LED lamp beads and PC panel. It uses red, blue, and green LED lamp beads to display text, pictures, animation, and video. The content of the screen can be changed at any time. The traditional LED display is usually composed […]

The quality standard of led display

The quality of LED display How to Distinguish The Quality of LED Screens? Let us learn the following points about the quality of a full-color LED display. Flatness The flatness of the surface of a LED display should be within ±1mm to ensure that the display image does not distort, and the local bulge or […]

Outdoor Big Screens for Advertising

Outdoor Big Screens for Advertising The only technology that can be used for very large screen displays is light emitting diode or LEDs. With this panel technology, you can literally have screens larger than the side of the proverbial barn. Cathode ray tube (CRT), liquid crystal and plasma technologies come nowhere near, and neither does […]

How to save energy on LED display

How to save energy on LED display 1. The LED display screen made of environmentally – friendly materials is selected. After a special processing technology, the screen body can be waterproof, dust-proof and UV – proof without glue filling. Compared with the products produced by the general process, the consumables are less and more environmentally […]


WHAT ARE LED VIDEO WALLS ?         LED Video wall popularity has grown exponentially in recent years because of the seamless delivery of quality video on a platform. CHENKSE is leading the charge with the highest quality display solutions that have been installed around the world. Our LED Screen panels combine perfectly […]

How to choose the right LED Display screen

How to choose the right LED Display screens​      In recent years, we have used LED display screens in various fields such as indication, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and urban night scenes.     There are indoor LED screens, outdoor LED screens, commercial advertising LED screens,  creative LED screens, stadium LED screens, floor tile LED screens, etc. However, do […]

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display: 4K LED Video Wall 2021

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display: 4K HD Video Wall 2021   Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display: 4K HD Video Wall 2021 In the list of the variety of LED displays available in the market, we may confuse about what is more effective and beneficial for our business. However, understanding the different types of LED displays […]

How To Choose The Right Stage LED Screen

UHD LED Displays

LED display used in the background of the stage is called the stage LED display. The large LED display is the perfect combination of technology and media. The intuitive and outstanding representative is that the backg.

Different quality of LED display

Differentiate Quality Led Displays Resolution A smaller pixel pitch means there is less empty space between pixels. This equates to higher pixel density and improved screen resolution. On the other hand, smaller pixel pitch universally provides greater resolution, but is more expensive. Brightness The brightness of an LED display is solely determined by the quality […]

International Signs & LED Exhibition (ISLE) 2020

International Signs & LED Exhibition (ISLE) 2020 ISLE 2020 is set to be held  at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Shenzhen World) with 160,000 ㎡ exhibition area.  The four-day event will demonstrate screen display technology, audio-visual integrated system, LED & signage of more than 2000 exhibitors, bringing an immersive experience to global buyers. The […]

How to choose outdoor LED display according

outdoor led screen

How to choose outdoor LED display according Today, outdoor LED displays occupy a dominant position in the advertising field. According to the different needs of each project, for example, there will be different trade-offs in the selection of pixels, resolution, price, playback content, display life, and front or rear maintenance. Of course,  we must concern […]

Why choose energy-saving LED screen

Why choose energy-saving LED screens LCD displays VS LED displays As the main method of new media communication, display screens have developed rapidly in recent years, especially LED display screens. Many outdoor large screens now use LED displays. The main reason is that compared with LCD displays, LEDs are more energy-efficient. Besides, LED displays have […]

Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED Screen What is an outdoor LED Display ? The outdoor LED screen is a special luminous device that is spreading more and more around the cities. It is innovative and high-tech means of digital communication, helping to catch audiences and passersby. Further, the LED display is formed by three – color LEDs, the […]

Indoor fixed LED display installation

Indoor Fixed LED Display Installation Now the installation of Indoor LED displays, whether indoors or outdoors, is moving in the direction of “simplification”.  The front maintenance LED display of P4 can be installed and removed from the front for easy maintenance.  The editor will introduce P4 for you in detail. P4 front maintenance module installation […]

4K LED Display: The Ultimate Guide

4K LED Display: The Ultimate Guide   What is 4K LED Display?   4K LED display to put simply, A display device that is capable of displaying images and videos at 4K resolution. But what is 4k resolution exactly? Let’s find out. TV, movie, mobile and LED display use 4K resolution predominantly today. A 3840 × 2160 […]

Common problems of LED displays

Common Problems of LED Displays First, the LED display doesn’t work, and the green light of the sending card flashes The cause of the fault: no power, no network, low power supply voltage, broken sending card, disconnected or faulty signal transmission intermediate device. ( such as: function card, optical fiber transceiver box ). Troubleshooting method: […]