Why choose energy-saving LED screen

Why choose energy-saving LED screensAs the main method of new media communication, display screens have developed rapidly in recent years, especially LED display screens. Many outdoor large screens now use LED displays. The main reason is that compared with LCD displays, LEDs are more energy-efficient. Besides, LED displays have a longer service life and can […]

Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED ScreenWhat is an outdoor LED Display ?The outdoor LED screen is a special luminous device that is spreading more and more around the cities. It is innovative and high-tech means of digital communication, helping to catch audiences and passersby. Further, the LED display is formed by three – color LEDs, the so-called RGB […]

Indoor fixed LED display installation

Indoor Fixed LED Display Installation Now the installation of Indoor LED displays, whether indoors or outdoors, is moving in the direction of “simplification”. The front maintenance LED display of P4 can be installed and removed from the front for easy maintenance. The editor will introduce P4 for you in detail. P4 front maintenance module installation and removal […]

4K LED Display: The Ultimate Guide

4K LED Display: The Ultimate Guide What is 4K LED Display? 4K LED display to put simply, A display device that is capable of displaying images and videos at 4K resolution. But what is 4k resolution exactly? Let’s find out.TV, movie, mobile and LED display use 4K resolution predominantly today. A 3840 × 2160 resolution is now the standard […]

LED Display Facts

What Is LED?LED is short for Light Emitting Diode. An LED emits light as a result of electric luminescence. It is also known as “cold light” as, unlike with old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, the light is not produced by heating a metal filament. The diode, on the other hand, emits light when flowing through two specially […]