Vai alla fiera ISLE Shenzhen LED per oltre 1.000 aziende partecipanti!

ISLE2023 Shenzhen LED Exhibition site, LED full industry chain integration of sound, light and video, the industry’s cutting-edge technology products, innovative technology solutions gathered here, a number of high-end forum meetings to gain insights into the latest trends in the industry. An industry feast is slowly and magnificently kicking off, so what are the wonderful performances of the participating companies this time?

%name Head to ISLE Shenzhen LED Exhibition for 1,000+ participating companies!

At this ISLE exhibition, 8K Micro LED ultra-high-definition display products, TXP series smart LED all-in-one machines, CLI series, CLM series and many other star products and innovative solutions were unveiled, showing its cutting-edge display technology and full-scenario solutions to the global audience. plan.

%name Head to ISLE Shenzhen LED Exhibition for 1,000+ participating companies!

  Smart LED all-in-one machine


High standards create high quality, and the exhibits are all classic masterpieces. Take the high-definition full-color indoor LED screen as an example. This product adopts the world’s advanced carbon fiber technology, and the LED panel frame is only 1CM, which can achieve an unimaginable light experience. And its grid screen and small-pitch LED display products have countless dazzling cases. In addition, the intelligent conference all-in-one machine is a product that can bring an immersive visual experience to the conference room. The all-in-one machine has a built-in Android operating system, supports multiple file formats, and has screen mirroring, which can easily achieve Unparalleled clarity.

There are endless visitors in front of the booth at the exhibition site, and the staff carefully communicated and introduced to everyone. It can be said that its classic products and system solutions create a feast of visual effects with technology and creativity, highlighting the forward-looking and innovative nature of the LED intelligent display field. Strong technical accumulation, which also makes its booth quickly become the focus of attention.

A series of forward-looking solutions and innovative products such as “THE WOW” naked-eye 3D solution, Vmicro micro-pitch display technology, and big data smart display solutions were unveiled at booth B02, Hall 9 of ISLE, creating a wonderful and shocking vision for global customers feast.

%name Head to ISLE Shenzhen LED Exhibition for 1,000+ participating companies!

  ”THE WOW” glasses-free 3D solution


It is reported that the “THE WOW” naked-eye 3D solution is exhibited in China for the first time, which is a masterpiece after five iterations of algorithm upgrades. The solution adopts 7 screens and 7 sides “W” 3D shape optimal screen design, accurately calculates the distribution of 3D inner and outer arc display pixels, and maximizes the viewing angle to present stereoscopic visual effects; in addition, there are professional 3D animation, architectural animation, virtual reality and film and television The filming and production team created customized video content for it. This also makes the “THE WOW” naked-eye 3D solution widely applicable to various application scenarios such as corporate display, stage performance, exhibition hall exhibition, product promotion, digital cultural tourism, etc., thus realizing the perfect combination of art and technology.

In addition, the Vmicro micro-pitch display technology presented at the exhibition is an industry-leading product with a process yield rate of 99.99% based on years of technical accumulation. At present, chip-level COB finished module rework has been realized. It has been widely used in many fields such as energy agencies, traffic guidance, and public safety, and has successfully created many cases such as Shenzhen Metro Line 14, Jinan High-tech Zone Public Security Bureau, and Fujian Natural Gas Development Co., Ltd.

Three series of outdoor full-color Q Pro series, indoor full-color Q Pro series, and indoor soft module R series were unveiled at ISLE2023. Brand Guarantee.

Indoor and outdoor full-color Q Pro series are widely used in intelligent conference display, security monitoring, command center, radio and television broadcasting, exhibition display, stage rental, advertising media, digital signage, door window, smart city and other fields. Its module adopts self-developed and produced mask, cooperates with PWM-SS driver IC, has dual energy-saving effects of dynamic energy saving + 4.2V low voltage start, can comprehensively save power by 30%-45%, and greatly reduce operating costs. In addition, at the exhibition site, it was also emphatically emphasized to the visitors that the quality of the Q Pro series products can enjoy a three-year warranty service, which can make the operation and maintenance of the operator rest assured and worry-free.

It is worth mentioning that the R series of indoor soft modules exhibited in this exhibition focuses on the design concept of “making the wonderful more than flat”. With a deep V-shaped silicone bottom shell design, four unit boards can be used to form a cylindrical screen. At the same time, the thickness of the unit plate of the soft film group is only 7.5mm, which fully realizes the light and thin screen body and the appearance effect of elegant appearance. In terms of installation, it can be easier and more convenient. The standard configuration is a strong magnet, which can be attached at any time. There are also high-quality 3M adhesive materials, making “DIY” more creative.

%name Head to ISLE Shenzhen LED Exhibition for 1,000+ participating companies!

  LED super unit COB series


At the ISLE exhibition, COB super units, LED full-standard super units, LED super TVs and other bright products and Skyworth Xiaowei broadcast control exhibition hall solutions made a stunning appearance. It fully demonstrates that Skyworth Commercial always takes user needs as the core, devotes itself to creating a series of products and solutions of “next-generation commercial intelligence solutions”, and is committed to continuously empowering business partners in more industries.

This COB product is a new high-end LED display product that will be launched in 2023, which fully demonstrates its strong strength in the COB field: it has Micro/Mini LED product research and development bases in Wuhan and Huizhou, and has a strong position in technology and production capacity that cannot be underestimated. Absolute advantage. The COB super unit is manufactured by the newly invested MINI LED base in Wuhan. This product adopts Skyworth COB packaging technology, which highly integrates power supply, adapter card and control card, and uses ultra-strong aluminum alloy. Compared with traditional LED products, it has stronger heat dissipation capability, higher hardness, longer service life, and better performance in contrast and viewing angle.

In addition to the COB super unit, the two major highlights of the LED full-standard super unit and LED super TV are also classics created by the company. The exhibition site attracted many visitors to stop and learn.

%name Head to ISLE Shenzhen LED Exhibition for 1,000+ participating companies!

  Seven professional solutions

In this exhibition, Xi’an Nova Nebula Technology Co., Ltd., the leader in display and control, shines at ISLE with 7 major professional solutions, creating a new blue ocean of value for the industry.

Nova Nebula “5G+8K ultra-high-definition display control solution”, “COB display control comprehensive solution”, “LED intelligent broadcast control solution”, “high-end stage rental solution”, “visualized intelligent exhibition display one-stop solution” “professional 7 major professional solutions such as LED Distributed Solution, Display Cloud Operation Management Solution, etc., comprehensively upgrade LED display 5G&8K ultra-high-definition visual experience, comprehensively improve LED display full-link efficiency, and fully empower LED display full life cycle Management capabilities, providing full-scenario LED displays including Mini/Micro LEDs with a full range of software and hardware technical support, creating new value for smart displays.

Nova Nebula has always been committed to driving technological progress with innovation, creating service value with expertise, and opening up a broader horizon for customers and users.

  COB full flip + MX-D black diamond series

At this exhibition, visitors brought full flip-chip COB display panels and MX-D black diamond shooting series. These two products are masterpieces of their ingenuity, integrating exclusive technology and advanced concepts. Among them, the COB small pitch covers 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm and other pitches, with a million-level ultra-high contrast ratio, which can fully realize the ultimate display effect. In addition, this series of products also adopts a full hard connection design, integrated connector connection, higher integration and better stability.

  Full flip-chip COB display panel

What’s more worth mentioning is its design of energy saving, environmental protection and ultra-low power consumption, because the COB full flip chip technology cancels the connection line of the LED light-emitting chip, and adopts a chip full flip package structure. Therefore, the full flip-chip COB display has further improved reliability on the basis of ultra-fine pitch technology, strong protection capabilities, high color rendering, and surface light emission. On the one hand, the packaging layer is made thinner and the thermal resistance is smaller. On the other hand, it effectively improves Light quality, display more sophisticated. Flip-chip COB is coated on the surface of the chip, which can filter out ultraviolet rays and blue light with harmful wavelengths, and the eyes will not be hurt when watching for a long time.

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