Come proteggere gli annunci pubblicitari esterni?

  Outdoor advertising displays are widely used in busy streets, commercial centers, gas stations, scenic spots, amusement places, outdoor performances, stadiums, and many other outdoor locations. To ensure that these displays are installed safely and do not cause any negative impact, it is essential to take appropriate protective measures. As a professional in this field, we must follow certain guidelines and best practices to mitigate any potential risks. Are you aware of the protective measures that need to be taken for outdoor advertising displays? In this article, we have outlined the steps necessary to ensure the safe installation and operation of these displays. We hope that this information will be beneficial to you and help you to avoid any potential hazards.

%name How to protect outdoor ads?

  Outdoor advertising display screens should take the following protective measures:

  1. Lightning protection measures:

  In the process of installing outdoor advertising display screens, it is important to protect them against lightning strikes. Lightning can generate strong electromagnetic waves that may affect the outdoor advertising display screen’s normal function. To prevent this, it is recommended that both the screen body and outer protective layer be grounded during installation. A grounded wire with a resistance of less than 3 ohms can effectively drain current caused by lightning strikes away from the ground wire. This ensures that the outdoor advertising display screen is well-protected and able to function properly throughout its lifespan. It is always best practice to take precautionary measures and prioritize safety during the installation process.

  2. Wind and heat dissipation measures:

  When operating the outdoor advertising display, it is important to take into account the heat generated by the device. Accumulated heat can negatively impact the integrated circuit and the internal ambient temperature. To prevent damage, it is recommended to pay close attention to windproof and heat dissipation measures. Manufacturers should ensure appropriate ventilation and heat dissipation devices are installed to regulate the internal temperature between -10 and 40 degrees Celsius. We recommend using the Weishi separate LED display, which offers numerous advantages such as low-temperature heat dissipation, no cabinet or structure, no connectors, and stable product operation. We strive to provide reliable technological solutions for our clients and ensure top-quality performance of our products.

  3. Rainproof and moisture-proof measures:

  The protection and maintenance of outdoor advertising display screens is crucial to ensure longevity and optimal performance. To avoid corrosion and rust caused by rain and moisture, it is essential to ensure seamless connections between the cabinets and the screen body and installation object. With the CHENKSE LED screen module, you can rest assured that the waterproof level of this product is of the highest standard at IP68, allowing it to operate efficiently even when completely immersed in water. Additionally, the module kit is crafted with dust-proof, anti-static, anti-corrosion, and high flame-retardant materials, ensuring reliability and durability even in weathered environments. It is important to note that outdoor advertising display screens must be equipped with proper lightning protection and wind and heat dissipation to maintain a stable state. With these protective measures in place, you can confidently use outdoor advertising display screens in all-weather conditions.

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%name How to protect outdoor ads?
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%name How to protect outdoor ads?