RS series is used more and more frequently in stage performances, which has enriched the stage effect and enlivened the atmosphere of the performance, and has become an extremely important component of stage art.

Stage background led screen is required to have functions such as clear picture, waterproof and dustproof, high brightness, stable performance, and long service life.

Event led screens system equipment is required to be easily and quickly disassembled and assembled.


Indoor Stage Rental LED Display

Outdoor Stage Rental LED Displays

LED Display Cases

Large stage RSI39 2500SQM

Chicago Project

Car Show RSI30 1200 Sqm

United States Project

Outdoor networking meeting RSO39 120Sqm

Nashville Project

Outdoor concer RSO48 900Sqm

Italy-Rome Project

Stage LED Screen

     In the design and installation of stage LED display, the general stage LED Screens must first have a main screen, a secondary screen, and an extended screen.

1. Main screen

     The main screen is the large LED display in the center of the stage. Most of the time, the main screen is approximately square or rectangular in shape. Because of the importance of its display content, the pixel density of the main screen is relatively high. The specifications of the stage event LED display used for the main screen are mainly P2.6, P2.976 and P3.91.

2. Secondary screen

     The secondary screen is the stage background LED display used on both sides of the main screen. Its main function is to set off the main screen, so the content it displays is relatively abstract. Therefore, the models it uses are relatively large. The commonly used specifications are mainly: P3.91 P4.81 P6.67 and other models, and in the process of use, they are often used grid-type LED displays.

3. Video expansion screen

     It is mainly used in relatively large-scale occasions, such as large-scale concerts, singing and dancing concerts, etc. In these occasions, because the venue is relatively large, there are many places where it is impossible to see the performance characters and effects on the stage. Therefore, one or two large-screen LED displays are installed on the sides of these venues. The content is generally live broadcast on the stage, and the commonly used specifications are similar to the main screen. The three types of stage LED displays P2.6, P2.976 and P3.91 are used more.

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