CHENKSE 3.91mm Piksel Aralığı - Dış Mekan LED Ekranları

Outdoor rental LED screen with lightweight die-casting aluminum cabinet for events and stages.

500x500mm die-casting aluminum cabinet has a 3.91mm pixel pitch option. The 500x500mm front open, front maintenance, front repair, front serving, front access LED display is perfect for events and stages. It has an IP67 outdoor LED module and a magnetic suction LED module that supports both rear and front maintenance. It also has a Smart High Resolution and a cable-free design.

The die-casting aluminum cabinet is available in 500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinet that can work together. It is easy to assemble and disassemble with a lightweight and quick lock design. It comes with a flight case package.

RSO Serisi-RSO39

RSO39 is a robust LED screen panel that measures 500 x 500mm/500 x 1000mm, designed to meet the demands of the touring production world.

Each tile is modular in design and has unique rigging and curving capabilities. The panels are front-serviceable, enabling easy on-site maintenance. The integrated climbing ladder makes it easy for technicians to access displays flown overhead.

RSO39 is the premier rental-staging product available on the market.

Harika gri tonlama, yüksek yenileme hızı ve mükemmel beyaz dengesi

Our screen uses high-quality materials. The grayscale is up to 14 bits, with a refresh rate greater than 1920Hz and very pure white balance. Therefore, the screen’s performance is extraordinary and stable.

Açı ayarlı

A large viewing angle covers the majority of the audience and cameras, providing endless commercial value and getting noticed.

Yaşlanma testi

All raw materials undergo strict testing for high and low temperatures, high humidity, anti-ultraviolet rays, and anti-corrosion.

Kolay Kurulum

Yardımcı kurulum yapısı, hızlı bağlantı, tek kişilik kurulum ile donatın

Uygun Bakım

Modülü ve güç kutusunu ayrı ayrı çalıştırmak için mevcuttur

Düşük gri

Low gray led display

RSO Serisi LED Dipalys

Sıradan LED ekranlar

Yüksek yenileme

High refresh LED Display

RSO Serisi LED Dipalys

Sıradan LED ekranlar

Yüksek kontrast

chenkse led2

RSO Serisi LED Dipalys

Sıradan LED ekranlar

500*1000 cabinet

Seçenekler için 500x1000mm ve 500x500 LED dolaplara sahip olun

It is a die-cast aluminum cabinet that is very strong and precise. The tolerance can be controlled within 0.1mm, resulting in a smooth surface with almost no gaps between cabinets for a seamless connection. The cabinet is die-cast by a high-precision CNC machine. When setting up panels for a big screen, there will be no gaps between two continuous panels.

Mükemmel Koruma Gereçleri

The panel has a bottom module protection design. There are two anti-collision pins at the bottom of the panel, which raise the bottom module up by 3mm and prevent it from crashing if the panel hits the floor. Meanwhile, it also has a strong and safe locking system. We use the innovative “AOB” technology to reinforce the soldering connection between the LED and the PCB board, ensuring that the LED won’t be easily broken.

500*500 cabinet
LED display viewing angle

Geniş görüş açısı

The vertical and horizontal viewing angles can reach up to 160 degrees, providing a wide viewing angle.

Hafif, İnce ve Güçlü

Die-cast aluminum frame; the cabinet weighs only 7.4kg.

Rental waterproof cabinet

IP65 - Güvenli ve Güvenilir

LED big screens adopt an automatic glue filling machine process, effectively protecting them from water and dust. The high IP rating (IP65) ensures optimal performance in all conditions. Please consider the link below to view our outdoor LED screens:

Ultra hafif, İnce tasarım

The standard cabinet size is 500x500mm. It is made of ultra-light die-casting aluminum with a very thin thickness of 75mm. This makes it easy to transport and portable.

Front service LED displays

İkili Hizmet Tasarımı

Modül Özellikleri

If you’re looking for rental LED screens, Chenkse has you covered. Our screens adopt Magnet Adsorption LED Panels and feature accessible frontal and rear designs, making installation a breeze.

Our double-sided lock design allows for easy assembly and ensures a perfectly flat screen. With fast locks, the cabinet can be joined in just 8 seconds. Plus, our seamless, precision-die-casting panels are built for quality. And, our screens are user-friendly, with easy-lift handles for added convenience.

Tam Ön Hizmet

Support full front access as it is convenient for possible future maintenance. This is very suitable for projects that do not have a maintenance channel in the back or for stage events.

Kolay bakım

Front access or back access designs are used in this panel. The module’s slim shape makes it even easier to maintain.

Kolay Kurulum

Equipped with auxiliary installation structure, fast connectors, and designed for single-person installation.

Kavisli Ekran ve Sorunsuz Ekleme

The cabinet is equipped with a high-precision angle lock, making it available to splice both flat screens and curved screens.

LED display accessories

LED, giriş ortamı işlevini gösterir

1. DVI arayüzü

DVI arayüzü, yani dijital video arayüzü.

2. VGA arayüzü

VGA arayüzü, VGA standardını kullanan bilgisayar çıktı verileri için özel bir arayüzdür.

3. HDMI arayüzü

HDMI arayüz standardıdır. Tam adı Yüksek Çözünürlüklü Multimedya Arayüzüdür. 

4. SDI arayüzü

Kablo standardı olarak BNC arayüzlü koaksiyel kabloyu benimseyin.

5. USB arayüzü

 Evrensel seri veriyolu.

6. WIFI işlevi ve bulut

LED ekranın video ve resim içeriğini hesaplama aracılığıyla uzaktan değiştirmek için WIFI işlevi ve bulut

Uygulama Alanları

Shopping mall, traffic command center, conference room, airport, commercial event, stage backdrop, etc.