Common Problems of LED Displays

Cloud LED display
LED display modules
First, the LED display doesn’t work, and the green light of the sending card flashes

The cause of the fault: no power, no network, low power supply voltage, broken sending card, disconnected or faulty signal transmission intermediate device. ( such as: function card, optical fiber transceiver box ).

Troubleshooting method: check that the power supply of the screen is normal; check and reconnect the network cable; ensure that the DC output power of the power supply is 5 -5 .2V; replace the sending card; check the connection or replace the function card ( optical fiber transceiver box ) .

Second, the display doesn’t work, and the green light of the sending card doesn’t flash

The cause of the fault: the DVI or HDMI cable isn’t connected properly; the copy or expansion mode isn’t set in the control panel of the graphics card; the software has selected to turn off the power of the large screen; the sending card isn’t inserted in place or there is a problem with the sending card.

Troubleshooting method: check the DVI cable connector; reset the copy mode; the software chooses to turn on the large screen power; reinsert the sending card or replace the sending card.

Third, prompt “screen system not found” when starting

The cause of the fault: The serial port or USB cable isn’t connected to the sending card; the computer COM or USB port is broken; the serial port or USB cable is broken; the sending card is broken; the USB driver isn’t installed.

Troubleshooting method: Confirm and connect the serial line; replace the computer; replace the serial line; replace the sending card; install the new version of the software or install the USB driver separately.

Fourth, Some modules ( 3 – 6 pcs ) are not displayed

The cause of the fault: The power supply is protected or damaged; the AC power cord is in poor contact.

Troubleshooting method: Check to confirm that the power supply is normal; reconnect the power cord.

Fifth, the whole screen isn’t displayed

The cause of the fault: The 220V power supply line isn‘t connected properly; there is a problem with the network cable transmission; the receiving card is damaged; the HUB board is inserted in the wrong position.

Troubleshooting method: Check the power supply line; confirm to replace the network cable; replace the receiving card; reinsert the HUB.

Sixth, each displays unit of the entire display screen displays the same content

The cause of the fault: The connection file of the display isn’t sent.

Troubleshooting method: Reset the settings to send the files connected to the screen, and plug the network cable connected to the computer into the output port of the sending card near the indicator when sending.

Seventh, the displays brightness is very low and the displays image is blurred

The cause of the fault: The program of the sending card is wrong; the function card setting is wrong.

Troubleshooting method: Restore the default settings of the sending card and save; set the minimum brightness of the displays monitor to be above 80

Finally, the whole screen is shaking or ghosting

The cause of the fault: Check the communication cable between the computer and the large screen; check the DVI cable between the multimedia card and the sending card; the sending card is broken.

Troubleshooting method: Reinsert or replace the communication line; insert and reinforce the DVI line; replace the sending card.