Outdoor Advertising screen

OF series used for outdoor LED Display. that are usually installed on the facades of commercial buildings with high traffic.

With the maturity of the Outdoor advertising Screen market and the reduction of costs, advertising outdoor led screen area is also showing an increasing trend.

commercial led screens In front of the overwhelming advertising in business districts. advertising led display screen the limited memory space of audiences and the infinite information dissemination have made attention gradually become a scarce resource.outdoor led display advertising attention economy has become the biggest measure of advertising effect.

Building LED advertising screen OF100 120SQM

Australia-Melbourne Project

Shop billboard IR10 200 Sqm

Los Angeles Project

Outdoor Commercial LED billboard CUO80 1000 Sqm

Nashville Project

Stadium LED displays OF40 1800Sqm

Italy-Rome Project

Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED Displays has high protection against dust, water, and leakage, IP65 protection level, special guide sink for outdoor advertising screens, panel glue covering circuit to ensure worry-free; stable power saving, energy saving and environmental protection, higher brightness, and clear face to the sun Display screen.

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