Dance Floor LED Screen

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Why Choose Dance Floor LED Screen

LDF series LED floor tile screen is a product used for ground display.

It’s a highly personalized floor LED display designed specifically for the

ground. It hasexcellent bearing and shockproof functions. The LED

floor tile screen was purposefully designed for bearing,protective

performance, and heat dissipation, allowing it to adapt to high-intensity

trampling and to operate normally for extended periods. It also enables

the audience to participate and change as they move.


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Dance Floor LED Screen Has Those Types

LED tile displays are durable and designed for ground-level presentations with effective heat dissipation and protections against external

environmental damage. They create unique display effects for events and performances. Perfect for environments where regular LED screens may not

be suitable.

There are the following types

The Dance Floor LED Screen has several features and advantages

High brightness, high grayscale and high contrast

Our top-of-the-line Dance Floor LED Screen is the perfect choice for exceptional image quality. It boasts of high-quality materials and a 14-

bit grayscale, which guarantees clear and detailed images with minimal flickering. This LED screen is equipped with a fast 1920Hz refresh

rate and a pure white balance that delivers visually stunning imagery. It’s ideal for high-performance applications that require reliable and

top-notch quality. With our LED screen, you’re guaranteed to create an unforgettable experience.

The Dance Floor LED Screen is a high-quality display perfect for dance floor environments. It has a non-slip surface to prevent slips and

falls and is water and dust resistant, protecting the components and ensuring durability. Constructed with professional-grade materials, it

produces high-quality images and smooth transitions with excellent color rendering.

The LED dance floor boasts a customizable touch screen that allows users to interact with the display, triggering visual effects and

animations. This creates an engaging experience for both dancers and viewers, with features like touch response and content control. The

result is a professional and immersive dance floor experience that showcases the latest in interactive display technology.

The Dance Floor LED Screen is perfect for event organizers. It has flexible installation options and user-friendly controls, making it easy to

customize and manage content. This screen is suitable for various dance floor sizes and shapes. It’s a great choice for corporate events,

weddings or any other celebration. The LED screen provides exceptional visual display, enhancing guests’ experience. It’s reliable and

efficient, offering high-quality results for any occasion.

The Dance Floor LED Screen has advanced cooling materials and a ventilation system. It uses aluminum alloys to dissipate heat and stay at

an optimal temperature for reliable performance. The ventilation design allows for efficient heat dissipation and prolongs the lifespan of the

screen, ensuring reliable performance even during prolonged use. Overall, the Dance Floor LED Screen effectively manages heat

dissipation for longevity and reliable operation.

Our Dance Floor LED Screen has sophisticated temperature monitoring and protection features, including smart sensing settings. Precise

sensors constantly keep the operating temperature in check, and if there’s an unusual temperature increase, the system automatically takes

preventive measures. These could include reducing brightness, optimizing power use, activating more cooling mechanisms, or alerting our

operators and technicians. This proactive solution ensures that the screen is always performing optimally and extends its lifecycle while

minimizing the risk of overheating. It’s ideal for professional dance floor applications.

The Dance Floor LED Screen has user-friendly pre-maintenance, magnetic adsorption modules, and straightforward replacements that

simplify maintenance. This minimizes downtime, increases longevity and usability, and saves time while reducing potential damages to

othercomponents. The screen highlights dedication to user convenience, exceptional service, and is a trustworthy and effective

solution for dance floor applications.

Dance Floor LED Screens are durable, energy-saving and have a high load-bearing capacity of up to 3 tons, making them reliable and

adaptable to different environments. They have intelligent power systems and consume less energy compared to traditional layouts,

reducing operational costs and promoting environmental sustainability. By considering their durability, flexibility, energy conservation, and

load-bearing capacity, Dance Floor LED Screens offer a reliable, adaptable, and environmentally conscious solution that can optimize

energy usage and provide an immersive visual experience on the dance floor.

%name LDF Series
%name LDF Series

How to choose the right Dance Floor LED Screen

When it comes to selecting the appropriate Dance Floor LED Screen, several essential elements must be taken into account. To assist in your

decision-making process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive breakdown of these factors.


1.Display effect and image quality

To choose the perfect dance floor LED screen, key factors to consider

include image quality, resolution, brightness, contrast, color accuracy,

refresh rate, and viewing angle. High resolution and brightness ensure

clear and detailed images, while contrast and color accuracy add depth

and vibrancy. A higher refresh rate prevents distortion, and a wide

viewing angle allows for consistency. Look at technical specifications

and test data, perform comparisons in-person, and examine each

screen’s qualities to make an informed decision.

%name LDF Series
%name LDF Series

2.Waterproof and anti-slip properties

When selecting a dance floor LED screen, it is imperative to prioritize

properties such as quality waterproofing and anti-slip features. This is

particularly important given the potential for liquid spills and

hazardous conditions. Effective waterproofing protection helps to

guarantee that LED modules will remain undamaged and fully

operational. Incorporating anti-slip materials on the screen’s surface f

urther enhances safety for dancers, particularly in an environment

that may become wet. We recommend taking the necessary steps to

ensure that your chosen dance floor LED screen meets these

important requirements.

3.Durability and reliability

The dance floor is a demanding environment for LED screens, in terms

of durability and reliability. Robust structure and earthquake resistance

are essential features of dance floor LED screens, which must

withstand frequent use and movement activities. The LED display

modules and control systems must be chosen based on their stability

and reliability, ensuring that the screen operates smoothly without any

failures over an extended period of time. It is imperative to prioritize

these criteria while selecting an LED screen for the dance floor, to

avoid any disruption in the dance performances and events.

%name LDF Series
%name LDF Series

4.interaction function

We provide you with three distinct types of screens to choose from,

each designed with unique capabilities that cater to various

requirements. The first option is an interactive screen that incorporates

an in-built function, providing a seamless user experience. The second

alternative is a touchless control screen that leverages radar

technology, ensuring a safe and effortless interaction. We also offer a

conventional display screen that caters to conventional screen

preferences. Please let us know your needs, and we’ll be happy to

assist you in selecting the ideal Dance Floor LED Screen.


5.Ease of installation and maintenance

Choosing dance floor LED screens that are easy to install and maintain

is also an important factor. The screens should have a design that

allows for quick disassembly and installation, facilitating the

replacement or repair of LED modules. In addition, incorporating front-

access maintenance design, such as front-maintenance modules, can

reduce the time and cost required for maintenance.

%name LDF Series
%name LDF Series



Dance Floor LED screen pricing is influenced by several factors. These

include pixel density, screen size, LED chip quality, installation and

maintenance requirements, control systems, additional features, and

market supply and demand. Higher pixel density, LED chip quality, and

larger screen sizes increase costs. Custom supports, waterproof

measures, maintenance contracts, and extra features also add to

expenses. Market supply and demand can lead to higher or lower



Installation solution for Dance Floor LED Screen

To protect and install Dance Floor LED screens efficiently, choose modular designs for easy connections. Adequate power distribution and

cable layout are essential for the dance floor screen. Use appropriate cables and a compatible processor for control and display features.

Debug and test the screen after installation. Consider additional connectivity solutions for external devices if necessary.


  • Ensure that the installation structure can support a weight at least 5 times the combined weight of the screen, installation accessories, and cables.

  • Make sure there are no loose objects above the installed screen location to prevent damage to the screen and potential harm to individuals.

  • Ensure that no flammable materials are placed within a 1-meter range from the screen.


The Dance Floor LED Screen is typically installed at a height of approximately 13-17mm above the ground. There are three common

installation methods:

  1. Fixed Installation: Construct a steel structure on the ground and mount the screen enclosure on top of the structure. Finally, lay an acrylic panel over the screen.

  2. Rail Installation: Install positioning beads at the four corners of the enclosure and place the enclosure into the rails for easy disassembly and installation.

  3. Floor Support Installation: Align the floor support with the screw holes on the enclosure and use the floor support to secure the LED tiles. This installation method is convenient, quick, and easy to disassemble.

%name LDF Series
%name LDF Series
%name LDF Series

Fixed Installation

Rail Installation

Floor Support Installation

The following is the installation procedure for the Dance Floor LED Screen.

1、Before installation, create a blueprint based on the chosen dimensions and prepare the necessary accessories and tools.

2、Install the dance floor LED screen panel according to the blueprint. Secure the mounting feet to the screw sockets on the back of the dance floor LED screen.

3、Adjust the height of each mounting foot of the dance floor LED screen to ensure uniform height and avoid uneven stress. Once installed, use a level to achieve balance adjustment.

4、Connect the power and network cable ports between the screens, ensuring a secure connection.

5、If there is a slope included in the dance floor LED screen installation, connect the slope first to protect users from scratches. Install the cooling fan and then assemble the slope and dance floor together.

6、After completing all installation steps, proceed to the next step, which is the configuration of the dance floor LED screen.

%name LDF Series
%name LDF Series

Large-scale event stage 450SQM

Australia-Melbourne Project

Show stage 200Sqm

Los Angeles Project

Commercial Display 250Sqm

Nashville Project

Large party stage 1200Sqm

Italy-Rome Project

Interactive LED floor tile screen sensing principle:

The interactive floor tile screen is based on the LED floor tile screen, which adds a sensing and interactive function. The LED floor tile

display is equipped with pressure sensors or capacitive sensors or infrared sensors. When a person moves on the floor tile screen, the

sensor can sense the position of the person and feedback the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller logic

After the judgment, the corresponding display effect is output.

For example, with the help of infrared sensor, it can track people’s movement trajectory, can follow the human body’s activities to present

real-time picture effects, so as to achieve effects such as actors and audience walking by, water ripples under their feet, and flowers


Features of LED floor tile screen:

1. Fast and flexible installation: It can be installed directly without tools or on rails.

2. High load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy material structure, the high load-bearing capacity can reach 1.5 tons per square meter.

3. Excellent maintenance performance: can be directly exchanged without removing the adjacent cabinet

4. High-contrast design: technically designed mask, clear playback effect

5. Outstanding low-brightness and high-gray effects, uniform grayscale display and good consistency


Dance floor LED screens typically have a wide viewing angle, providing clear visual effects to the majority of the audience. Common

dance floor LED screens have a viewing angle of approximately 160 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

Yes, many dance floor LED screens have the capability for real-time content updates. By connecting to a control system or using

specific software, you can update and change the displayed images, videos, and special effects at any time.

Dance floor LED screens are designed for high-intensity environments and have good durability. They are built with waterproof,

dustproof, and shock-resistant features, capable of withstanding frequent stepping and dancing activities.

Yes, many dance floor LED screens can be connected and synchronized for multi-screen linkage. This means that multiple screens

can be combined to create a larger display area and play unified content simultaneously.

Yes, dance floor LED screens typically support custom content and effects. You can design and create unique images, videos, and

special effects according to your needs to meet specific event and occasion requirements.

The power consumption of a dance floor LED screen depends on its size, brightness, and usage. Larger size and higher brightness

screens generally consume more electricity. To save energy, you can control the brightness and usage time according to your actual


The price of a dance floor LED screen is influenced by several factors, including screen size, resolution, brightness, viewing angle,

brand, and supplier. The quality of components used in dance floor LED screens also affects the overall quality and price of the

product. Higher-quality components are generally more expensive but offer more stable and reliable performance.

Yes, there are specifically designed dance floor LED screens for outdoor use. These screens have the ability to withstand harsh

weather conditions and higher brightness to combat direct sunlight.