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Smart pole system, an important nerve terminal in the vast neural network, provides the city with a unique win-win-win solution: more energy conservation, reduced expenditures on maintenance, an improved connectivity to citizens. With the rapid development of urbanization, CHENKSE grasped opportunities to proactively assist governments in building smart cities and carried out numerous projects across the world.

City Light Pole LED LP40 1100SQM

Australia-Melbourne Project

Street light pole LED LP50 1200 Sqm

Los Angeles Project

Street light pole LED 200 Sqm

Nashville Project

light pole LED display IR10 500Sqm

Italy-Rome Project

Light Pole LED Screen

       Smart light pole LED displays commonly use P4 and P5, which can control the LED cluster information release system through the intelligent cloud, and build a network digital community interactive space to serve the residents of the vast communities across the country, creating LED advertising network, intelligent transportation, and digital intelligence. Communities, smart communities. Specifically, it has the following characteristics:

      1. The photoelectric box can quickly solve the optical and electrical environment that meets the operation of 5G equipment; the smart box can quickly realize the real-time micro-motion ring required for the operation of 5G equipment such as the ambient temperature, humidity, tilt, leakage, and water accumulation of the pole. Monitoring and early warning. The smart box is connected to the transfer committee camera, and uses its own edge computing and video AI capabilities to recognize in real time whether shared bicycles are parked illegally and the vehicle is tilted, and quickly return the recognition results to the transfer committee platform and the transfer committee through the 5G network. Shared bicycle operating platform.

     2. Connect urban street lamp controllers, construction site dust monitoring sensors, security and river crossing cameras, traffic guidance screens, regional micro-meteorological sensors, road parking sensors, manhole covers and other municipal facility sensors through smart boxes to realize city-level smart lighting and smart security , Smart municipal administration, smart parking, smart transportation, regional micro-weather and other functions.

     3. The smart box and front-end sensing devices such as cameras, signal lights, traffic guidance screens, radars and other holographic sensing devices build a scene where people-vehicle-road can interact and integrate vehicle-road collaboration, and solve the problem of pedestrians, Comprehensive vehicle information acquisition, efficiency and safety issues.

       Lianchengfa Smart Light Pole LED Display P4, P5 Purpose:

       Smart light pole LED displays can be widely used in urban pedestrian streets, subways, stations, shopping malls, communities, airports and other areas.