Indoor Fixed LED Display

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display

LED Display Brighten Indoor Areas With Diverse Options

Indoor fixed LED display offer high-definition visuals, enhanced

visibility, wide viewing angles, customizable sizes, seamless

installation, durability, easy content management, multiple

control options, interactive capabilities, versatile applications,

and energy-saving features.

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What Are The Types Of Indoor LED Display?

Indoor LED screens are versatile and widely used in commercial, entertainment, monitoring, broadcasting, education, and more. They have high

brightness, clarity, and reliability, allowing for captivating advertising, immersive experiences, real-time monitoring, efficient news delivery, educational

resources, and interactive learning. From shopping malls to educational institutions, indoor LED screens provide stunning visuals and effective

information dissemination. Enhance your visual experience and communication strategies with indoor LED screens.

1.Fixed Display Screen:

Features: Installed permanently on walls, ceilings, or stands, suitable for long-term display needs.

Suitable for: Shopping malls, conference rooms, control rooms, etc.

2.Fine Pitch LED Displays

Features: High pixel density, exceptional image quality, close-viewing capability, reliability, and durability.Suitable for: Meeting rooms, control rooms,

advertising boards, digital signage, high-end retail stores, exhibitions, control centers, and monitoring rooms.

3.Flexible Display Screen:

Features: Made of flexible materials, allowing for bending, folding, and installation on curved surfaces, offering creativity and flexibility.

Suitable for: Stage backgrounds, exhibition displays, venues with specific shape requirements, etc.

4.Transparent Display Screen:

Features: Possesses transparency, displaying content while maintaining visibility through to the background, creating unique visual effects.

Suitable for: Shop windows, exhibition displays, creative designs, etc.

5.Dance Floor LED Screen:

Features: High pixel density, exceptional image quality, close-viewing capability, reliability, and durability.

Suitable for: Meeting rooms, control rooms, advertising boards, digital signage, high-end retail stores, exhibitions, control centers, and monitoring


The following are the specification models of indoor fixed LED displays, with pixel pitches ranging from P2 to P10, equivalent to 2mm to 10mm.

Please note that the term “pixel pitch” refers to the distance between adjacent LED pixels, and it is commonly used to indicate the level of pixel density

and image detail.

Why Choose Indoor Fixed LED Display?

Indoor fixed LED displays offer businesses a visually engaging, energy-efficient, and customizable way to showcase products & information. With

superior image quality, vibrant colors, and a long lifespan, they’re ideal for various indoor environments. Plus, LED displays are a reliable investment

with advanced content management systems and low power consumption.

In light of the swift evolution of technology, high resolution has poised as a significant trend in the display screen industry. It has come to our attention that customers are increasingly seeking higher pixel density, which allows for crisper, more intricate images and videos.

The market trend shows high demand for ultra-thin screens. Customers want thin, versatile screens for different applications. This helps businesses be competitive and meet customer needs. Therefore, it's advised for companies to invest in creating thin displays, stay ahead, and achieve business goals.

Curved Displays: Curved display screens are gaining significant popularity in the market. Their curved design provides a wider field of view, enhances the immersive experience, and creates captivating visual effects, particularly in advertising and digital signage applications.

Smart Features: The integration of smart features into display screens is a growing trend. Customers expect interactive capabilities, sensing technologies, remote control options, and other smart features to enhance user experiences and operational convenience. These features enable seamless interaction with the display and elevate the overall functionality of the screens.

At chenkse, we are committed to supporting our customers in achieving their desired brand image through customizable display screens. We recognize the significance of providing modern solutions that cater to their specific requirements.

That is why we take pride in our wide range of flexible and customizable options, drawing on our in-house factory and manufacturing expertise. Our offerings include displays in varying sizes, shapes, curvatures, and installation methods, ensuring that we can deliver personalized solutions that align with your brand vision.

We have a team of professionals who understand the importance of working in close collaboration with you, taking into account your unique needs and providing tailored guidance throughout the process. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative display screens that exceed your expectations, combining cutting-edge technology with our manufacturing expertise.

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Five Advantages Of Choosing An Indoor LED Display

When considering indoor display options, there are several advantages to choosing an LED display over other technologies. Here are five key benefits that make indoor LED displays an excellent choice:

  1. Vibrant Colors and High Resolution: Indoor LED displays offer vibrant colors and high resolution, including popular options such as 2K, 4K, and 8K screens. These high-resolution displays ensure that your content stands out and captivates your audience. With a wide color gamut and excellent contrast ratio, LED displays deliver stunning visuals that enhance the impact of your messages.

  2. Flexible and Customizable: LED displays are highly versatile and can be customized to fit any space or design requirement. Whether you need a curved display, a large video wall, or a unique shape, LED panels can be seamlessly integrated to create the desired effect.

  3. Dynamic Content and Real-time Updates: Indoor LED displays allow for dynamic content and real-time updates, enabling you to deliver engaging and up-to-date information to your audience. Whether you’re displaying advertisements, event schedules, or live social media feeds, LED displays provide the flexibility to keep your content fresh and relevant.

  4. Wide Viewing Angles: LED displays offer wide viewing angles, ensuring that your content is visible from various positions within the viewing area. This feature is particularly important in indoor environments where people may be moving around or viewing the display from different angles.

  5. Cost-Effective and Long-lasting: Indoor LED displays are a cost-effective investment with their energy-saving properties, low maintenance costs, and long lifespan. While the upfront cost may be higher compared to other display technologies, the long-term savings in energy consumption and maintenance expenses make LED displays a financially sound choice.

In conclusion, the versatility, vibrant colors, high resolution, flexibility, real-time updates, wide viewing angles, and cost-effectiveness of indoor LED displays make them an ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking to create impactful indoor visual experiences.

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display
%name Indoor Fixed LED Display
%name Indoor Fixed LED Display

Why Indoor LED Display Are The Ideal Digital Advertising Solution

Indoor LED display are considered an ideal solution for digital advertising due to the following advantages:

1. Powerful visual impact: Indoor LED display stand out with their high brightness and impressive visual effects. Whether in retail stores, exhibition halls, or sports arenas, LED displays can showcase vivid, vibrant, and high-contrast images and videos that capture viewers’ attention and make advertisements more memorable.

2. Wide viewing angles: With a matrix arrangement of LED pixels, indoor LED display offer wide viewing angles, ensuring clear visibility from various perspectives. This makes them an excellent choice for large venues or areas with high foot traffic, ensuring viewers enjoy optimal visual experiences regardless of their distance from the display.

3. Customizability: Indoor LED display can be customized to fit different sizes and shapes to suit specific installation environments. Whether mounted on walls, suspended, or designed for curved installations, LED display provide flexible solutions that cater to the personalized needs of advertisers.

4. High definition and detail representation: Indoor LED display typically feature high resolution and excellent detail representation, allowing for precise details and crisp text display. This enhances the visual realism of advertisements, effectively delivering brand messages and promotional activities.

5. Remote operation and content updates: Integrating with content management systems (CMS), indoor LED displays enable remote operation and real-time content updates. Advertisers can easily modify ad content, adjust playback schedules and frequencies, and monitor the display status in real-time, offering flexibility and convenience.

6. Durability and reliability: Indoor LED display are constructed with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, ensuring long lifespan and reliability. They can operate continuously in various indoor environments, with resistance to shocks, interference, and energy-efficient features, thereby reducing maintenance and operational costs.

In summary, indoor LED display are favored as an ideal solution for digital advertising due to their powerful visual impact, wide viewing angles, customizability, high definition, remote operation capabilities, and reliability. They enhance brand image, attract audience attention, and provide flexible content display options to meet diverse advertising needs and venue requirements.

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display
%name Indoor Fixed LED Display
%name Indoor Fixed LED Display

What Are The Components Of The LED Display?

Indoor LED display offer large-screen displays that can receive and transmit multiple forms of information effectively. Key components include the

display card, driver, and power supply, working together to ensure optimal performance. Investing in an indoor LED display system provides an

exciting visual experience for your venue’s attendees.


1.LED module

The LED module is the basic unit of the LED display, which usually

includes multiple LED lamp beads, circuit boards, power supplies and

control chips.LED lamp beads are commonly available in types such as

SMD LED (Surface Mounted Device LED) or DIP LED (Dual In-line

Package LED). Among them, commonly used lamp bead models for indoor

LED displays include SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, and SMD2020. The

larger the numerical value, the stronger the luminosity of the LED.

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display
%name Indoor Fixed LED Display


2.Signal Source

A signal source is the root of the content displayed on large screens. In a

monitoring center, surveillance camera footage from monitored areas

serves as a signal source. The concept is straightforward and signal

sources entail devices including computers, USB drives, mobile phones,

and surveillance cameras that provide input materials.


3.Power Distribution System

A good power distribution system is vital for LED display performance and

safety. It includes power supply, cabling, surge protection, grounding,

power management, and backup power. Compliance with safety standards

is crucial for safe operation. A robust system ensures stability, efficiency,

and longevity, with protection measures in place to prevent damage.

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display
%name Indoor Fixed LED Display

4.Video Processor

A video processor is crucial for LED display systems to convert and

enhance video signals for high-quality visuals. It optimizes video

information and generates clearer and more vivid visuals, making it

essential for businesses relying on LED displays for advertising purposes.

With the right video processor, businesses can showcase their products

and services in an impactful and visually compelling way to captivate their


LED Display Showcases: Shining a Spotlight on Your Brand

Versatile Displays: Indoor LED display showcases offer a wide range of functionalities, including product showcasing, video playback, image display,

and animations. They serve as versatile platforms to meet diverse needs across industries.

Customizable Designs: LED display showcases can be tailored to specific requirements, allowing for customization in terms of size, shape, material,

and color. This enables the creation of unique and personalized display effects.

High-Definition Visuals: With high-definition display technology, LED showcases deliver sharp and clear images and videos. The high brightness and

contrast ensure excellent visibility and visual impact in indoor environments.

User-Friendly Operation: LED display showcases are equipped with user-friendly operating systems and control interfaces, making content updates

and management easy and efficient. Users can easily change display content, adjust brightness, and control other parameters to meet specific needs.

hotel lobby IF10 120SQM

Australia-Melbourne Project

Indoor ultra-HD IR10 200 Sqm

Los Angeles Project

Outdoor ultra-HD OR10 1000 Sqm

Nashville Project

Large stadium LED displays IR10 1800Sqm

Italy-Rome Project

CHENKSE LED guarantees customers’satisfaction through good quality and after-sale service.

Adhere to the “quality first, service first” principle.

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display

High Quality LED Parts

We keep close relationship with other raw material suppliers such as Linsn, Novastar, Cree, Nationstar, Epistar LED, Meanwell, G-energy, etc. to ensure our products stable, reliable and high quality.

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display

LED Module Aging Test

CHENKSE promise all LED display modules will have comprehensive strictly aging test in testing room and professional quality inspection before we deliver to customer hands.

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display

3 Days (72 Hours) Aging Test

For each finished LED display, we will promise 3 Days (72 Hours) aging test to ensure no bad LEDs, high Flatness, excellent color uniformity, great visual display and stable performance.

%name Indoor Fixed LED Display

Top Workshop, Professional Worker

CHENKSE has first-class automated production equipment, a set of efficient production line and professional technical workers to offer high quality LED display products efficiently.

Brands we work with

We partner with top brands in the LED industry to deliver high-quality, durable, and customizable LED display solutions. Our focus on top-of-

the-line components and innovative technology ensures unparalleled image quality, energy efficiency, and interactivity. Choose us for

exceptional LED products and technical expertise.


High resolution, vibrant color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and excellent brightness.

Flexible content management options and energy efficiency.

Seamless integration, customizable sizes, and shapes.

Consider factors such as viewing distance, content requirements, installation location, and budget.

Determine the pixel pitch suitable for the intended viewing distance, select an appropriate screen size, and assess compatibility with content

sources and management systems.

Indoor LED display screens typically have a long lifespan, lasting tens of thousands of hours, depending on usage and quality.

Yes, many indoor LED display screens come with remote control and management capabilities, allowing operation and monitoring through networks or dedicated software.

You can confirm whether a display screen supports front maintenance by checking the product specifications or consulting with the supplier.
Front maintenance display screens typically highlight this feature and provide relevant information in the product description.
Are front maintenance display screens suitable for all applications?

Front maintenance display screens are particularly suitable for installations with limited space or frequent maintenance requirements.
If the back of the display screen is not easily accessible or the surrounding environment does not allow for rear maintenance, a front maintenance display screen is an ideal choice.

Front maintenance display screens do not significantly impact the display quality and performance.
High-quality front maintenance display screens are designed professionally to ensure that the maintenance process does not damage the performance of the screen.

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An AI Addon Accordion is a tool that helps to organize content into collapsible sections. These sections can be opened and closed with a click, allowing users to easily find and access the information they need. It is an efficient way to display large amounts of content in a condensed format.