2.5 mm pixel pitch - Indoor front service LED displays

      Indoor led displays adopts imported luminescent materials, high-quality IC chips, and noise-free high-power power supply; the whole screen has no fan design, no noise, low power consumption, and can be used in the temperature range of 0℃~55℃.
     IF25 can support synchronous control card and asynchronous control card at the same time; even if the control computer fails, it can still display and play normally.
     For the IF25 Indoor LED screens, the user can arbitrarily arrange the display mode; it can display text, pictures, charts, images, animation, and video information; and the amount of information displayed is not limited.
     IF25 is made with non-linear correction technology, the image effect is delicate and clear; the animation effect is vivid and diverse; the video effect is smooth, lifelike, no bright spots, no screen, no dead spots, high brightness, low light decay, long life, and quality it is good.
     The high-resolution indoor P2.5 full-color display can perfectly display high-definition picture quality and delicate colors.
      IF25 in high-end configuration, stable performance, good flatness, seamless splicing.
      IF25 LED video display uses high-quality light-emitting components as the core material of the display and uses its own patented circuit board design, which fundamentally guarantees the service life of the product.


Uniform color and natural picture:
Broadcast color gamut, color temperature and brightness are intelligently adjustable, uniform color, high contrast, beautiful and natural picture. 
Energy saving ≥36%:
Using the industry’s top low-power ultra-bright LED lights, energy saving ≥30%, with the core patented technology of industrial-grade high-power switching power supply, overall energy saving ≥36%, energy saving and environmental protection.
Exquisite craftsmanship:
High-precision cabinet, flexible structure and exquisite craftsmanship, the flat splicing distance of the screen body is controlled at 0.1mm. exquisite craftsmanship ensures that the screen body is flat and seamless, and the dot pitch is consistent
Play format:
Support mainstream format playback and support DVI HDMI 3G/HD/SD three-speed SDI high-definition displays mode. suitable for TV video programs, VCD or DVD and live broadcasts and other indoor and outdoor places.
Optional supporting plan:
Camera, cable, 3G, WIFI technology, cloud broadcast control.

Low gray

Low gray led display

IF Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High refresh

High refresh LED Display

IF Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High contrast

chenkse led2

IF Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

chenkse indoor led screens

Front service cabinet, easy to install

Indoor front series LED displays

IF Series Module features:

1. A module that supports indoor front and rear dual services;

2. Pre-service with strong magnet, easy to repair and disassemble;

3. Unique honeycomb design, firm and flat, high precision;

Wide viewing angle

LED displays viewing angle

The vertical and horizontal viewing angles can reach up to 
160°, providing a wide viewing angle.
LED display viewing angle

installation design without maintenance access

Fixed LED displays cabinet installation

All cabinets can be inserted in the front, front-service wall-
mounted LED small spacing solution, no maintenance 
channel, LED displays can be installed close to the LED Video 

LED DISPLAYS Easy installation

Regardless of indoor or outdoor LED displays, the installation of full-
color LED displays is moving in a “simplified” direction.
The front service LED displays can be installed and removed from the 
front for easy maintenance.
LED displays processor

IF Series LED display parameters