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Football Stadium Screens

ST series are used for leading brands of stadium LED displays.       

 Stadium led screens mainly display live events, match time, scoring, sponsor advertisements, etc., and are generally distributed inside and outside the stadium. 

Perimeter led screen can make the audience feel a very shocking effect, with a different visual experience and enjoyment.

At present, there are many international and domestic sports events, such as NBA, Olympic Games, European Cup, etc., LED display screens almost go hand in hand with stadiums. 

Stadium perimeter led display system has replaced the traditional lights and CHENKSE display screens and has become one of the necessary facilities for modern sports venues. Today we come to understand what specific requirements are required for the stadium led display.

Tennis Court LED Screen STO50 1500SQM

Australia-Melbourne Project

Football venue LED Displays STO80 4000 Sqm

Los Angeles Project

Basketball venue LED billboard STO40 1200 Sqm

Nashville Project

Swimming poo LED display STI60 200Sqm

Italy-Rome Project

Stadium LED display features:

1. The safety and stability of the stadium led screen should be high

In public places, safety is paramount, and there are many people watching sports games and large – scale events. Any failure or mistake will have a great impact, so stable engineering quality is the objective requirement of users.

For example, the use of optical fiber transmission will avoid signal attenuation and will not delay the live or rebroadcast picture. Some protective pads and other measures can also be used to prevent safety accidents. 

You can use dual power supply, when one power supply fails, the other can be automatically connected without affecting the normal display of the large LED screen.

2. Stadium LED screen needs to support multiple input interfaces.

The stadium’s large led Screen can not only be broadcast live by cameras, but also broadcast TV and satellite TV programs, play VCD, DVD, LD and various self-made video signal programs, support PAL, NTSC and other formats, and display content can also be a computer All kinds of graphics.

Text and video information on the Internet also need to be able to connect to the referee system, timing and scoring system, and the LED screen can display the game time and score in real time.

3. The flame retardant level, protection level and heat dissipation performance of the stadium led electronic display screen are better, especially for outdoor sports events, which need to take into account the changeable climate environment. For example, southern my country focuses on anti – tide, high – altitude areas are resistant to cold, and desert areas need to consider heat dissipation.

4. The stadium led large screen needs a wider viewing angle and a higher refresh rate to ensure the clarity of the video display. Especially when introducing player information, scores, slow motion replays, highlights, slow motion replays, close – ups and other live broadcasts, it is necessary to consider whether the audience can see clearly.