Fine Pitch LED Displays

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What Is An Fine Pitch LED Displays

FP series is a line of  fine pitch LED screen available in 0.9 to 2 mm pixel pitches. It delivers an aspect ratio of 16 : 9, the most popular high resolution standards, and excellent flatness and uniformity.

In addition, FP series features high refresh, high gray scale, high precision, high contrast, shadow blanking and low power consumption.

Further, the weight of a single die – cast aluminum box is only 5.8 kg, it is easy to transport and install. And the lightweight with front service makes easier for installation without any tools.

CHENKSE it enables fine pitch LED display showing seamless 2K, 4K, 8K, even resolution for high end direct view installaton markets.

The market share of fine pitch LED display in these segments is increasing fast, which benefits from its unparalleled features: truly seamless connection, high refresh rate, excellent contrast ratio and superb image presentations.

Moreover, thank to their high reliability and advanced features, allowing to extend the life of the screen. 

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What Are The Types And Advantages Of Fine Pitch LED Displays?

1.Fine pitch LED displays offer a compact design and high pixel density. There are two types available: Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Chip-on-Board (COB). SMT has LED chips mounted directly to the display board, while COB utilizes LED chips directly bonded to the PCB, providing high pixel density and improved heat dissipation. These displays offer higher resolution, brighter images, and wider viewing angles, making them ideal for indoor use in conference rooms, retail stores, and sporting events.

2.Fine pitch LED displays offer high-quality visuals with exceptional pixel density for sharp images at close viewing distances. Their small pixel pitch ensures a seamless surface with vibrant colors and consistent image quality even at different angles. The displays are energy-efficient, come in various sizes and form factors, and are durable, making them a smart investment for businesses.

Here are the models

When and Why Do You Need a Fine Pitch LED Display?

Fine pitch LED displays are the perfect choice for those looking to enhance the visual appeal of their digital communication. They are especially useful for applications such as advertising, promotion, and entertainment, where clarity and precision in image reproduction are paramount. With a fine pitch LED display, you can be sure that your message will be delivered with the utmost clarity, and that your audience will be engaged and informed.

A fine pitch LED display is designed to showcase content with incredible detail and crisp imagery, making it an ideal choice for situations where small text or intricate graphics need to be displayed. Whether it’s in a conference room, boardroom, airport, or retail environment, a fine pitch LED display creates an impactful visual experience that will capture the attention of your audience and leave a lasting impression.


hotel lobby IF10 120SQM

Australia-Melbourne Project

Indoor ultra-high definition IR10 200 Sqm

Los Angeles Project

Broadcast and TV Station FP1667 150 Sqm

Nashville Project

Meeting Room LED display FP125 100Sqm

Italy-Rome Project

Six Key Competitive Features of Fine Pitch LED Displays

Enhanced Pixel Density

Fine Pitch LED Displays deliver detailed, high-quality visuals that capture attention. With revolutionary technology, these displays offer unmatched clarity and versatility for graphics, images, and videos. Ideal for professional settings where visual clarity is essential. Experience Fine Pitch LED Displays for professional-grade visual communication.

Experience seamless high-definition picture quality with our professional Fine Pitch LED Displays. Designed for businesses that demand the best, they offer unmatched performance and advanced features. Let us help you achieve your display goals with our innovative technology and exceptional customer service.

Fine Pitch LED Displays offer precise and vivid color rendering, elevating the visual appeal of content displayed.

Our Fine Pitch LED Displays guarantee exceptional visibility with a broad viewing angle, making it possible for the audience to enjoy a clear display from all positions and angles.

Fine Pitch LED Displays are highly regarded for their exceptional performance and endurance, rendering them a favourable option for challenging settings and prolonged operation.

Our Fine Pitch LED Displays offer a multitude of installation options, sizes, and shapes, including cube, curved, flexible, spherical and hexagonal screens. These customizable displays are perfect for advertising, entertainment, and information purposes. Experience limitless possibilities with Fine Pitch LED Displays.

%name Fine pitch Led display
%name Fine pitch Led display
%name Fine pitch Led display

Small pixel pitch led display system meeting room solution

LED display is a type of indoor LED display with small LED dot pitch. This type of indoor LED display is more advanced and reliable because of the pixel point control technology used, which can better improve the display screen. Brightness, reducibility and unity .

So it can be said that the Fine Pitch LED displays has higher use value, and compared with the traditional DLP rear projection display, the high – quality and durable Fine Pitch has obvious advantages.

Small pixel pitch led system adopts high-density, small – pitch surface mount packaging as the display panel. Through the integration of computer systems, multi – screen processing technology, signal switching technology, network technology and other application processing and integration functions.

What are the application characteristics of led display in meeting rooms ?

After decades of development, video conferencing systems only share voice, images, and data, which can no longer meet the repeated exchange of information. Body language, micro –  expressions, intonation, documents, etc. carry a richer amount of information. 

This puts forward higher requirements on the camera, display, data sharing, meeting environment and other aspects of the video conference system; ultra – high resolution, realistic color reproduction, seamless and coherent vision, nanosecond response speed, low power consumption, ultra Mute and other advantages .

Provide customers with quality products and services

%name Fine pitch Led display
%name Fine pitch Led display
%name Fine pitch Led display
%name Fine pitch Led display
%name Fine pitch Led display
%name Fine pitch Led display


Fine Pitch LED displays offer impressive image quality with a high pixel density measured in millimeters. A smaller pixel pitch means a clearer image, and Fine Pitch displays offer pitch sizes from fractions of a millimeter to a few millimeters, depending on the application. With the smallest pixel pitch of P0.9mm, these displays have a remarkable image clarity with a pixel density of approximately 1,234,000 pixels per square meter. This makes them a great choice for applications requiring superior image quality.

Our Fine Pitch LED Displays provide a virtually seamless, immersive viewing experience. We use precise manufacturing, special alignment, and calibration techniques to ensure uniform brightness, color accuracy, and pixel-level alignment across the entire display area. Our advanced mounting system guarantees a secure hold and visually consistent display area. With a narrow bezel structure, our displays minimize gaps between panels and are ideal for applications requiring a large display area.

Fine Pitch LED Displays are highly customizable in size and shape, meeting specific requirements perfectly. They can come in small screens or large video walls, and be customized to standard or unconventional aspect ratios. The modular design enables flexibility and easy customization, with cabinet design tailored to the client's preferences or branding requirements. Note that customization may vary based on the manufacturer, and it's best to work with a professional integrator for specific information and advice.

Fine Pitch LED Displays are highly durable due to their quality construction and efficient heat dissipation systems. Their robust design enables them to withstand various environmental conditions, with dustproof and waterproof features enhancing their durability. Additionally, the advanced LED technology used in these displays provides high brightness, color accuracy, and energy efficiency. Regular maintenance and cleaning, following manufacturer guidelines, can prolong their lifespan.

LED displays are better than LCD ones in seamless integration, high brightness, wide viewing angles, outstanding color replication, durability, customizable size, and energy efficiency. They suit visually aesthetic, image quality-reliant places and provide virtually gap-free and immersive viewing experiences. They are suited for demanding environments because of their robustness, dust-proof, and waterproof qualities. LED displays' adaptability enables creative display configurations, supporting environmental sustainability through their energy efficiency, reducing operational costs.

A dedicated CMS or video processing system controls Fine Pitch LED Displays. Content creation includes multimedia elements through graphic design or video editing tools. CMS facilitates scheduling, distribution, playback across multiple panels, monitoring, remote control, real-time updates, group management, and touch functionality. The CMS enables interactive content experiences, diverse CMS options also offer features such as content analytics and external data source integration.

An AI Addon Accordion is a tool that helps to organize content into collapsible sections. These sections can be opened and closed with a click, allowing users to easily find and access the information they need. It is an efficient way to display large amounts of content in a condensed format.
An AI Addon Accordion is a tool that helps to organize content into collapsible sections. These sections can be opened and closed with a click, allowing users to easily find and access the information they need. It is an efficient way to display large amounts of content in a condensed format.