Cu Series - Curved video walls


        CU series -Large led Video walls are used for curved led video wall are divided into inner arc, outer arc, circular arc, and elliptical arc.

The practice of inner arc LED displays At present, the construction of the curved display surface of the curved LED screen is mainly realized by the curved LED box.

The curved box body generally bends its module mounting surface into a polygonal plane with 4 to 6 bending surface. and then places a square display module on each bending surface to form an approximately arc-shaped display surface.

Then combine multiple arc-shaped unit cabinets to form a large-area arc-shaped LED display.

For curved led video display, if the traditional horizontal LED module is used, many problems will occur. such as large seams and uneven curvature of the screen, which cannot adapt to large arc occasions.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the arc is as smooth as possible, the use of vertical LED modules will achieve better surface smoothness and is easy to assemble into a large arc LED display.


DJ bar CUI30 900SQM

Kuala Lumpur Project

TV Station CUI10 100 Sqm

Singapore Project

Outdoor ultra-high definition CUO60 700 Sqm

Shenzhen Project

Large stadium LED display CUO80 1100Sqm

Turkey Project