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STI50 - P5 Stadium LED Screens

Perimeter LED Displays :LED screen products specially designed according to the special application requirements of stadiums. It is mainly used in stadium commercials, highlights, slow motion playback, close-ups, etc., bringing the audience a perfect visual feast

ST Series-STI50

1.The full waterproof design is available for the outdoor product with the IP grade of IP65 for front and IP54 for back part. Even though the match would be held in the rain, the product can also work normally.

2.Aluminum cabinet structure, Natural heat radiation, no cooling fan.High efficiency…

3.The outdoor stadium LED display has been widely applied in sports stadiums fro delivering video, picture and text, game information as well as advertisement. 

4.For the purpose of meeting the demand of high refresh rate and brightnessm, the products are made of imported high-performance components.Combined with high-performance digital display and control system , it greatly outstrips its counterparts in color reproduction, viewing angle as well as brightness level.

Great gray scale, high refresh rate and excellent white balance

Our screen is used high quality material, the gray scale is up to 14bits, refresh rate >1920Hz and the white balance is very pure. So performance of the screen is extraordinary and stable.

Angle adjustable

Large viewing angle covers the majority of audience and cameras: Getting noticed, endless commercial value.

Test aging

All raw materials go through the strictly testing of high/low temperature and high  humidity, anti-ultraviolet rays, anti-corrosion.

Easy Istallation

Equip with auxiliary installation structure, fast connect, single-person installation

Convenient Maintenance

Available to operate the module and power box separately

Low gray

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ST Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High refresh

%name STI50

ST Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High contrast

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ST Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

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ST LED DISPLAYS is composed of many 16:9 LED cabinet .

The resolution can reach 2K/4K, without any stitching and gaps. the most significant feature. 

The colors are more natural, to bring the real content to life.

Reliable Protection and Flexible Adjustment

The main difference between perimeter led screen and the other series is perimeter led screen has soft plastic mask to protect the players from injury when they hit the screen in the stadium by accident. It has a back supporting stand for adjusting the screen to different viewing angle.

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%name STI50

Wide viewing angle

The vertical and horizontal viewing angles can reach up to 160°. providing a wide viewing angle.

HD Performance

Since we use high-quality SMD LED and excellent PCB design, the perimeter led screen can bring you the HD picture performance indoors or outdoors. The pixel pitches are P6.6, P8 and P10.

The high Brightness of Stadium led screen can be up to 10,000nits, even under the scorching sun, the audience can clearly see the match score and the sponsorship advertisement. It’s 160 degrees wide viewing angle and up to 16 bits grey scale of this screen can bring an excellent visiual experience to the audience present. 

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%name STI50

Front service cabinet, easy to install

Module features:

1. A module that supports indoor front and rear dual services.

2. Pre-service with strong magnet, easy to repair and disassemble.

3. Unique honeycomb design, firm and flat, high precision.

Front Service Cabinet features:

Heat dissipation

Efficient conduction heat dissipation, fanless silent power supply


Assembling: self-developed quick lock, seamless splicing, tool-free, and complete installation by hand

High Protective Grade IP65

Stadium led screen adopts high quality conformal coating, so the component is effectively moisture-proof and dust-proof. Therefore, the screen can be used in severe indoor and outdoor environment.

Double protection with soft module mask and soft pillow on the top of the cabinet to provide ultra saftey for players and LED display.

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%name STI50

Installation Methods:

Easy Maintenance
Fast lock system design guarantees a quick and easy installation
Fast access to modules, cables, power and data boxes

Versatile Dual Purpose Design
Removing the ground adjustable bracket and protection foam bumper can be transformed to be a square solid screen
Available for truss hanging, ground stacking, wall mounting

LED displays input media function

1. DVI interface

DVI interface, namely digital video interface.

2. VGA interface

VGA interface is a dedicated interface for computer output data using VGA standard.

3. HDMI interface

HDMI is interface standard.its full name is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. 

4. SDI interface

Adopt coaxial cable, with BNC interface as the cable standard.

5. USB interface

 Universal Serial Bus.

6. WIFI function and cloud

WIFI function and cloud to remotely replace the video and picture content of the LED display through the compute

%name STI50
%name STI50

Application Fields

Large indoor and outdoor sports events, like in football stadium, basketball stadium, table tenis stadium, hockey area, swimming pool, soccer, baseball and other athletic venues around the advertising display boards et…