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Light pole LED Screens

LED Light Pole Screen: The LED display on a smart light pole – whether it’s on the street or in the park, forms a crucial part of the pole. LED Light Pole Screens have become an indispensable part of the industry chain with the continuous development of the industry.

The display medium of these screens adopts a new wide-view tube with a wide viewing angle, pure color, consistency, coordination and a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. The outer packaging is a popular square with a cover edge, silicone seal, and no metalization assembly, making it exquisite, beautiful, sturdy and resistant to Sichuan.

It also has the “five-proof” characteristics, protecting itself against direct sunlight, dust, water, high temperature and short circuits.

LP Series-LP100

Light Pole LED displays are a classic integrated LED display product with the features of high brightness, waterproofing, dustproofing, fast installation, convenient maintenance, and cluster control. Although its size is much smaller than that of a big LED screen, “Smart Pole LED display has been increasingly widely used for its unique advantages and characteristics in publishing information, displaying ads, collecting information, broadcasting road conditions, guiding traffic, lighting cities, and more. Visit our website for more information.

Great gray scale, high refresh rate and excellent white balance

Our LED screen is made of high-quality materials. The grayscale is up to 14 bits, and the refresh rate is greater than 3840Hz. Additionally, the white balance is very pure. Therefore, the performance of the screen is extraordinary and stable.

Angle adjustable

Large viewing angle covers the majority of audience and cameras: Getting noticed, endless commercial value.

Test aging

All raw materials go through the strictly testing of high/low temperature and high  humidity, anti-ultraviolet rays, anti-corrosion.

Easy Istallation

Equip with auxiliary installation structure, fast connect, single-person installation

Convenient Maintenance

Available to operate the module and power box separately

Low gray

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LP Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High refresh

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LP Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High contrast

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LP Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

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LP LED DISPLAYS is composed of many 16:9 LED cabinet .

The resolution can reach 2K/4K, without any stitching and gaps. the most significant feature. 

The colors are more natural, to bring the real content to life.

Excellent Visual Effect

CHENKSE Light Pole LED display screen is high brightness, high refresh rate, high color uniformity to offer viewers clear image brings fresh and clear visual experience.

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%name LP100


CHENKSE Light Pole LED display LED Screen can be customized for customer’s need, the optional pixel pitch includes P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P6.67, P8, P10, P16 and more, also pole led display is optional for single side and double sides. the size is can be made depending on customer’s requirements. To learn more about CHENKSE customization service, contact us now.

Silent designing & High efficiency

Adopts three high-quality MEAN WELL LED display power supplies and one totally noiseless high-efficiency cooling fan. The sealing property is better, and the cabinet does not have any noise at all when working.

The pole LED display can achieve an environmental protection standard of noiseless works. DC low voltage power supply, natural heat dissipation, no noise, effective control of temperature rise, and stable operation.

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%name LP100

Wide viewing angle

The vertical and horizontal viewing angles can reach up to 160°. providing a wide viewing angle.

Multi Control Way

CHENKSE Light Pole LED display screen supports multi connections with 3G, 4G, WIFI, LAN, phone control as well as cluster control available. With the cluster control, you can publish the programs to all pole LED displays in your office of you city at one time without updating one by one. also you can locate each pole LED display in the cloud cluster system to check the status of each pole led display easily.

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%name LP100

Multi Installation Way

CHENKSE Light Pole LED display screen is widely applied in outdoor environment due to the characteristics of high structural strength and good water-proof property IP65. The LED display can work well in tough environments such as rain and snow weather, high and low temperatures, etc.

IP65 Waterproof Level

To make LED display adjust different environments, we enhance the resistance of screen to dust and water. The protective grade has reached IP65.

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%name LP100

LED displays input media function

1. DVI interface

DVI interface, namely digital video interface.

2. VGA interface

VGA interface is a dedicated interface for computer output data using VGA standard.

3. HDMI interface

HDMI is interface standard.its full name is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. 

4. SDI interface

Adopt coaxial cable, with BNC interface as the cable standard.

5. USB interface

 Universal Serial Bus.

6. WIFI function and cloud

WIFI function and cloud to remotely replace the video and picture content of the LED display through the compute

Application Fields

Used in street side, park, road side, college, school, citizen plaza, govement, tourist scenic and more. CHENKSE is committed to providing the high quality and best performance smart pole LED display & street light pole LED display to serve customers with professional team.

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