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Front maintenance LED module

Outdoor front service led display module, different pixeles different module size,usually,P3.91/P4.81 are 250mmx250mm size, P4/P5.33/P6.67/P8/P10 are 320mmx320mm size.

Suitable for outdoor fixed installation applications;

SMD LED display screen;

Weather proof to IP65/65 standard;

High resolution images and long lifespan;

Easily configure various sizes and aspect ratios;

Wide viewing angle;

The brightness starts at 6000 nits.

Maintenance channel: module front maintenance

Steel cabinet (optional: die-cast aluminum cabinet)

FS Series

FS series is CHENKSE’s indoor high-resolution LED displays. excellent seamless effect. OF series includes all the necessary functions to maximize the stability and reliability of the fixed LED display.

Visual Performance

Resolution: Fine pixel pitches form high resolution, which can capture and hold the attention of passersby.. The surface tolerance is less than 0.2mm, efficiently eliminating the mosaic phenomenon.

High Refresh Rate: 3840Hz refresh rate for high dynamic range pictures eliminates scan lines and flicker on the display when we capture the display. High gray scale ensures the premium vision and the LED display has vivid visual performance.

Contrast: The contrast ratio of the LED screen gives a sharp image quality.
High Brightness: The brightness of the LED display can be up to 10000nits. Even the screen is facing direct sunlight, the image still looks clear.

High Performance

Sheet metal cabinet with concise cable, inside space is roomy

IP65 Rating

IP65 ensures stable operation of the screen even in extreme weather as below: high temperature, low temperature and high humidity, with special technical treatment.

Installation Methods:

Outdoor front service back service LED Display screen fixed on the wall, on pillars, standing etc all available, and system hardware included sending cards sending box, processor, receiving cards etc.

Low gray

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Ordinary LED Displays

High refresh

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Ordinary LED Displays

High contrast

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Ordinary LED Displays

CHENKSE LED DISPLAYS is composed of many 1:1 LED cabinet .

The resolution can reach 2K/4K, without any stitching and gaps. the most significant feature. 

The colors are more natural, to bring the real content to life.

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High grade waterproof

Cold rolled steel cabinet with anti-corrosion painting, anti-humidity, IP65 protection grade

Standard Module Design

P3.91, P4.81, module size: 250x250mm
P5.0, P6.67, module size: 320x160mm
P8, P10, module size: 320x320mm
DIP: P10, P16, P20 module size: 320x160mm
Module is front access and rear access
Module anti-UV, anti-deformation, and anti-flaming, waterproof double sided gluing

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%name FS

No Door Design

No door on the back of this cabinet, can save installation space and easier maintenance

Cabinet Details

1) Dual maintenance, from the front and back. People usually use its pre maintenance function.

2) Easy to maintain, the module can be easily disassembled using a hexagonal screwdriver.

3) Without screws, it is easier to disassemble modules and install them on the cabinet.

4) New mold with new plastic cover, smaller module gap, and better screen flatness.

5) 960x960mm iron cabinet or customizable in size, thin, and high-precision. Lightweight, saving labor and production costs.

Full frontal maintenance, lighter and easier

The structure is simple and lightweight, aiming to reduce the pressure of construction and transportation. Modules, power supplies, receiving cards, and other components can be disassembled at the front, making it easy for maintenance personnel to maintain the LED screen. A single cabinet is:

30 kg weight

110 mm thickness

All components (power supply, controller, fan, etc.) can provide front-end services

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%name FS

Maintenance Steps

Insert a “T” wrench into one of the holes in the module and unlock it.

Unlock another lock.

Remove the module from the cabinet.

Disconnect the power and data cables.

SMD LED with Best Color Uniformity and High Brightness

The Outdoor LEDs we choose best driving IC that have the high reliability and contrast,wide view angle and good consistency which meet the need of high brightness,high refresh rate,high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity

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%name FS

Wide viewing angle

The vertical and horizontal viewing angles can reach up to 140°. providing a wide viewing angle.

IP65 Grade Protection

IP65 ensures stable operation of the screen even in extreme weather as below: high temperature, low temperature and high humidity.

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%name FS

Installation Methods:

The LED module will be connected to the cabinet through screws on the front. For outdoor installation, this method is a safe and reliable choice.

Compared to traditional outdoor fixed LED displays, it is the preferred choice for wall mounted, suspended, and wall mounted embedded installation applications.

LED Displays Input Media Function

1. DVI interface

DVI interface, namely digital video interface.

2. VGA interface

VGA interface is a dedicated interface for computer output data using VGA standard.

3. HDMI interface

HDMI is interface standard.its full name is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. 

4. SDI interface

Adopt coaxial cable, with BNC interface as the cable standard.

5. USB interface

 Universal Serial Bus.

6. WIFI function and cloud

WIFI function and cloud to remotely replace the video and picture content of the LED display through the compute

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%name FS

Application Fields

Outdoor front maintenance led screen series are mainly used for outdoor advertising, information publishing, journalism and communication in some places, such as cultural square, traffic arteries, stations, terminals, information centers, entertainment venues, shopping, centers, commercial city and etc. 


Outdoor 960x960mm Front Service LED Display
Pixel Pitch (mm)P45.33P6.67P8P10P10 (DIP)P16(DIP)P8(DIP)
Pixel ConfigurationSMD1921SMD1921SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535DIP346DIP346DIP246
Density (Pixels/㎡)62,50035,15622,49815,62510,00010,0003,90615,625
Module Resolution (Pixel)80×8060×6048×4840×4032×3232×3220×2040×20
Module Size (mm)320×320320×320320×320320×320320×320320×320320×320320×160
Driving Mode (Duty)1/101/81/61/51/21/41/11/5
Cabinet Size (mm)960×960960×960960×960960×960960×960960×960960×960960×960
Cabinet Weight (KG)3030303030404040
Brightness (CD/㎡)≥6,000≥6,000≥6,500≥6,500≥6,500≥9,000≥1,0000≥9,000
Viewing Angle (°)140140140140140140140140
Gray Grade (Bits)1414141414141414
Operation PowerAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60Hz
Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡)806732700900576610540540
Avg. Power Consumption (W/㎡)270245230300200205185 
Frame Frequency (Hz)≥60≥60≥60≥60≥60≥60≥60≥60
Refresh Frequency (Hz)≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840
Working Temperature (ºC)-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60
Lifetime (Hours)100,000100,000100,000100,000100,000100,000100,000100,000
Protecting GradeIP65(front), IP54(rear)IP65(front), IP54(rear)IP65(front), IP54(rear)IP65(front), IP54(rear)IP65(front), IP54(rear)IP65(front), IP54(rear)IP65(front), IP54(rear)IP65(front), IP54(rear)



Outdoor 1000x1000mm Front Service LED Display
Model No.P3.91P4.81
Pixel Pitch3.91mm4.81 mm
Pixel Density
LED componentSMD1921SMD1921
Module Size250 x 250 x 17mm 250 x 250 x 17 mm
Module Resolution
64 x 6462 x 52
Panel Size1000 x 1000 mm1000 x 1000 mm
Panel Weight
(Al frame)
45 kgs45 kgs
Best viewing distance≥3 m≥4 m
Maximum power consumption≤1000W/sq.m≤1000W/sq.m
Driving method1/161/ 13
View angle140º(H) / 140º(V)
MaintenanceFront & Rear
Control methodSynchronous/wireless control system
Working voltageAC220V/110V±10%
Working temperature-20ºC~+50ºC±10%
Working humidity10% ~ 95%
MTBF10,000 hours
Frame Frequence50/60Hz
Refresh Frequence>1920Hz
IP gradeIP65
Effective Communication
Distance(without relay)
Unshielded twisted pair net line transmission distance:100M, max transmission distance:130M; Multi-mode optic fiber: 500M;
Single-mode optic fiber: 10KM
Accepting signal with video processorPAL/NTSC/SECAM,S-Video;VGA;RGB;HDMI,DVI,Composite Video;SDI,DP etc.
Systems operating platformWINDOWS(WINXP,WIN7/8/10), and interfaces for secondary development

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