Why choose energy-saving LED screens

LCD displays VS LED displays

As the main method of new media communication, display screens have developed rapidly in recent years, especially LED display screens. Many outdoor large screens now use LED displays. The main reason is that compared with LCD displays, LEDs are more energy-efficient. Besides, LED displays have a longer service life and can achieve seamless splicing. Because of this, LED displays have gradually replaced LCD displays, it has become the mainstream of the market.

However, for large-screen LED displays, reducing power consumption has always been a relatively difficult problem to overcome. Although it has saved a lot of energy compared with LCD displays, it is still not enough to meet market demand. Therefore, after years of hard work, CHENKSE successfully developed an LED display with common cathode technology last year, it is an energy-saving LED display.

What is Common Cathode?

Common cathode is an energy-saving technology for LED displays. It separates the red, green, and blue lamp beads of the display, and then accurately powers it. Its current passes through the lamp beads and then to the driver IC. The negative pole is just the opposite of the conventional common anode power supply, so we call it common cathode power supply. When the current of the common cathode power supply first passes through the lamp beads and then to the driver IC, it avoids the voltage drop generated during the common anode power supply and reduces the current loss.

In addition, the precise and separate power supply for the red, green, and blue lamp beads can ensure that each lamp bead can work at an excellent voltage, because the voltage required by the red, green, and blue lamp beads is not the same. Powering it alone can avoid more power loss and improve power utilization. Moreover, the reduction in power consumption will also allow the display module to generate less heat, ensuring that its components have a longer service life.

A common cathode energy-saving LED screen

By adopting the LED display screen with common cathode technology, its power consumption can be reduced by up to 75%. However, the high brightness and high contrast are not damaged. Compared with traditional LED displays, common cathode energy-saving LED displays can reduce more power consumption. Further, it also improves power utilization and generates less heat, especially for outdoor large-size LED displays. Therefore, it can save a lot of electricity expenses every year. Above all, the common cathode energy-saving LED screen has a higher return on investment.