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High Quality GOB LED Screen Module


A GOB LED display module is a specialized packaging technology for LED display modules that utilizes a unique adhesive called “Glue On Board”. This method seals the LED chips and the printed circuit board (PCB), creating a transparent protective layer that shields against external environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and impacts. The transparent protective layer is highly thermally conductive, enhancing the stability and lifespan of the LED display module by facilitating effective heat dissipation.

These modules are widely utilized in commercial and outdoor LED display applications. This is owed to their high levels of waterproof and dustproof capabilities, as well as their shockproof design, making them ideal for outdoor billboards, sports stadiums, stage backdrops, and other applications. Additionally, thanks to their high brightness, uniform colors, and high refresh rates, GOB LED display modules provide an exceptional visual experience. They are a high-quality and reliable LED display solution suited for a wide range of applications.


When people go outside to enjoy their lives, they will have a glance at the display screen at a distance. Of course, it will be placed in places like the stadium, rainproof and snowproof will have to be counted for the basic design, all component inside have to be sealed up for its life circle.
Premium lamp ball to be selected for long life circle All detailed components sealed up to resist the harsh weather or environment damage Concept for outdoor performances are optimized almost from all aspects

LED display module overall

LED display module is basically used to consist of the entire LED display screen, and apparently we can see two parts included – PCB and the shell to wrap it up, moreover, arrays of LED beads lay down by orders and arranged together according to the certain pattern, meanwhile, the resolution of protection level will be added to the entity. The performance of LED display module has been improved by the innovative craft and technology, however, some points we can’t ignore to know before setting up LED wall.
The pixel pitch defined as the distance between two LED lamps which are printed into PCB to combine as an entity, it will mean the most important indication of LED display quality, and also technology has been evolved with the brightness, protection ability, longevity and so on, especially for the screen design in the uncommon shapes, flexible LED module and silicon texture LED module could make it come true.

LED display module property

* Color of LED display module, it’s thought to be the basic parameter to indicate the quality about LED displaying, the different colors are able to be suitable for site’s application and generally it is classified into two types(single color displaying and full color displaying). 
* Brightness, when referring to LED wall displaying, customer has to think much of this parameter, and it’s always going complex in association with the practical LED wall displaying, what’s more, people can conclude the detailed degree from the transparency and strength of LED displaying, the detailed number is simply added by these two numbers. 
* LED working temperature and voltage range, it has been examined to limit at the range of -18℃ – 58℃ and the low voltage of 12V DC is recognized by the standards. The special site’s installation of LED display module will have to think of the air condition adjustment like outdoor LED wall, otherwise, it will quit work or get damaged under the wrong operation.
* LED protection level. This parameter is set up mainly for outdoor LED displaying to encounter diversity of weather conditions, as we know the special technology being applied to the LED display module, LED wall is guaranteed to work at the rainy days, snowing and so on.

Low gray

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Our LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High refresh

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Our Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High contrast

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Our Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

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LED cabinet is composed of many 16:9 LED display module .

 the resolution can reach 2K/4K/8k, without any stitching and gaps. the most significant feature. 

The colors are more natural, to bring the real content to life.

Three Layers Coating Protection


Three layers of high quality conformal coating protects the driving IC and other electron components from dust and humidity.

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LED Chip

The Outdoor LED display module we choose Nationstar LED that have the high reliability and contrast,wide view angle and good consistency which meet the need of high brightness,high refresh rate,high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity.

Driver IC

To achieve the best visual performance of our indoor and outdoor led display,we use the best Driving IC,such as MBI5124,ICN2038 with high refresh rate,high grey level with latest technology.

Match the degree of matching of price and quality

Premium: Top, the quality is fully guaranteed, on behalf of the LED Chip brand, there will be lots of suppliers like NATIONSTAR, no matter what kind of brand chip we are going to adopt or meet their specs finally, they are going to be made into your products for presentation, meanwhile, for better power reliability, Meanwell CE UL Certificated power supply will meet everything.

Standard: Average, the price is a bit lower than premium classification, for the special application of the products in the market trending, on behalf of the LED Chip brand Kinglight, the layout of inside, function in details to be improved, normally CE certificated power supply.

72 Hours Aging Test

The aging of LED display is divided into white balance aging (2×24 hours) and video aging (24 hours).totally 72 hours before packing. To improve the reliability the outdoor LED display modules and ensure the LED modules without broken leds.

LED Display Module aging and testing is refers to imitate the long time operation without working problems,it is the most important to ensure the reliability of the LED display. LED display can be more stable after aging, and it can help the use of the efficiency. led screen aging test is a very important link in quality control.

After the aging test, please check the quality control group for parameters.Test content: white balance, red, green, blue,gray gradient,video effect,text effect.after 72 hours aging test,the problem should be reported to the manager of the engineering department in a timely manner.replace or repair the broken leds. making sure all parts will be working well stably before packing.

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250x250mm Series Outdoor LED Module

Outdoor rental led display module 250x250mm, pixel series are 2.6mm, 2.976mm, 3.91mm, 4.81mm, etc.

· 250x250mm
· IP65 Protection Level
· High Brightness
· Black LED
· SMD 3 in 1
· 2 Years Warranty
· CE, RoHS, FCC Approved

Outdoor Front Service LED Module

Outdoor front service LED module is specially design for outdoor fix installation, LED billboards, LED sign, which only can go with front maintenance. It is much easier to do repair and regualr maintenance from the front.

No tools, no screws needed to take out any LED module. Just taking few seconds to take out the faulty LED module and replace with new ones. 

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192x192mm Series Indoor LED Module

Outdoor led display module 192x192mm, pixel series are  1.875mm, 2.5mm etc.

· 1920x192mm
· High Refresh Rate
· Black LED
· SMD 3 in 1
· 2 Years Warranty
· CE, RoHS, FCC Approved

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High quality led module

Select highlight headlight bead, display effect is better, the audience scope is bigger

IC components of brand identity, the numberof IC devices more, quality, quantity and effect is better

High quality lamp beads

Indoor LED display modules have high reliability and contrast, wide viewing angles and good consistency, which can meet the needs of high brightness, high refresh rate, high grayscale and at the same time maintaining natural colors and optimal color uniformity.

According to the different LED packaging devices used, LED display modules are divided into: in-line LED display modules, indoor dot matrix LED display modules, and surface mount LED display modules.

High Quality SMD

The combination of high quality SMD LED and great PCB design has led us be the leading position in the industry. We believe that superior material quality is the primary standard for advanced products. Comparing with other products in the market, our LED screen stands out. This modules is getting more and more popular in the market.

The mask is flat and the product has good consistency
Adopt the top technology in the industry to fill the glue, the glue is flat, dust-proof and moisture-proof, to ensure product consistency

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