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If you are responsible for organizing a corporate event, you are in charge of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a business to make an unforgettable impression in the minds of everyone.  CHENKSE is your live events partner. We have decades of experience with corporate event production, creating beautiful corporate video walls. And we can lend their wide-ranging technical skills to your next big day.

CHENKSE specializing in bringing its top of the line equipment and technical support services to the following types of corporate events:

  • Corporate Conferences
  • Corporate Parties
  • Conventions
  • Exhibit Designs
  • Expos
  • Trade Shows

Enhance Corporate Environment

To stay competitive, enterprises must find ways to engage customers, attract talent and bring more visibility to their brands. They also need tools that inspire collaboration and drive productivity. State-of-the-art corporate LED display technologies are investments that forward-looking companies make in their people and facilities, transforming corporate environments and empowering employees.

Make a Big Statement

The large and vivid video walls bring surprise to the corporate’s lobbies and auditoriums, leaving a powerful impression on both customers and employees. The unique media installations and digital canvases inspire enthusiasm in the corporate’s space.

Boost Brand Engagement

As a medium to inspire real brand participation, visually video wall installations and touch screen displays and video walls can promote immersive experiences and provide opportunities for deeper connections through interactive narratives.

In the reception area, cutting-edge display technology allows you to highlight the company’s talents, express your mission or showcase your brand in an attractive way. In high-tech showrooms and experience centers, interactive and dynamic digital solutions provide a platform that attracts presentations and immersive product demonstrations.

Optimize the Workplace

Visionary companies are embracing innovations that are changing the way people work. These include display solutions that provide tools for collaboration and communication-motivating employees to work smarter and more efficiently.

In the workplace, interactive multi-touch video walls and displays provide a series of collaboration functions, allowing users to interact with content, edit and process materials, and quickly share resources. The ultra-high resolution display technology is clear, vivid and clear. And it can optimize presentations and allow companies to communicate with their employees more effectively.

Working with CHENKSE

You can explore our options or let us help you design a unique solution that fits your needs. Meanwhile, 

we are working with our customers, integrators, architects, consultants, and designers to deliver the right solution. 

We offer installation services, extended warranties, service plans and training to ensure a successful project.


Contact us for Broadcast LED displays solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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