BTV Bejing China
A large window style background of LED video display
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CCTV America
Panoramic seamless LED video walls with 4mm resolution
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KIRO News studio
The displays provide KIRO News studio for showing graphics and video clips during weather, news and sports broadcasts.
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KCPQ-Seattle WA
Multiple high-resolution LED Video Displays
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WPVI Philadelphia, PA-USA
Curved LED video displays, 3.9mm pixel pitch in weather area2.5mm pixel pitch in anchor desk
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%name Television and broadcasting

Therefore, take your broadcast studio to the next level with our cutting-edge display technology. Large TV studio video walls can help you communicate more clearly to your audience.  Our LED display wall panels enhance your studio’s presentation, so you can deliver information to your viewers in a clear, aesthetically pleasing way. You can explore our options or let us help you design a unique solution that fits your need. Our oustanding FP series of broadcast LED display is ready for you. 


Broadcast LED Displays Solution Features

a. Provide redundant configuration

With module design and extension, the screen support hot swap of collection card. Therefore, it reduces the risk of failures.

b. Ultra high stability

The whole system adopts advanced technology and system to improve reliability and security, and supports 24/7 running operations. 

Moreover, the configuration of power and signal can realize real-time broadcasting and avoid accidental power failure or other problems during operation.

c. Compatibility

The product is compatible with all kinds of video signals like VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI. One system can display video image signal, 

computer signal, network  digital signal, cable TV signal etc. Besides, it supports SDI and CVBS output to achieve seamless combination of signal with relay vehicle or SNG. 

d. Color temperature adjustable

Color temperature can be adjusted according to specific scenes. The color temperature of the display can be set within the range of 2,600K to 1,000K.

e. Automatic color adjustment

Each display unit can exchange information and adjust its color automatically to ensure the color uniformity. In addition, the display terminal has anti-atmospheric, electromagnetic, radio and static interference functions.


Working with CHENKSE

You can explore our options or let us help you design a unique solution that fits your needs. Meanwhile, 

we are working with our customers, integrators, architects, consultants, and designers to deliver the right solution. 

We offer installation services, extended warranties, service plans and training to ensure a successful project.


Contact us for Broadcast LED displays solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

%name Television and broadcasting