What is the ultimate LED walls set up ? This is the question that we get more than any other. Given the high demand in video upgrades, many people are asking with the hopes of it being in a range they can afford. Here will answer this question with actual figures, rather than giving you a generalized answer that still leaves you wondering the same question.

When requesting an LED Wall quote, there are few main questions your vendor should be asking you. To get the most accurate quote, we would advise you to have this information handy:

  • Indoor or Outdoor – Will the video wall be used indoor or outdoor primarily? This is very important and will affect the overall price as outdoor panels are more expensive.
  • Audience distance from video wall placement – How close will your audience be to the video wall? LED wall panels come in a variety of resolutions, also referred to as pixel pitch. Generally speaking, the lower the pixel pitch, the higher the cost. The pixel pitch is measured by the distance between each individual LED Screen on the face of the panel.
  • Installation method – Will the video wall be ground supported, flown in the air or wall mounted? Each of the methods come with its own set of specific equipment needed. Knowing your install method will help narrow down exact cost of the project.
  • Dimensions – Having an idea of how large of a video wall you’re wanting will help get you the most accurate price. Most companies price our systems by the individual panel.


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CHENKSE LED assigns a project manager to each individual client to ensure every detail of the project is covered and completed smoothly. More information feel free to contact us at

Other Hidden Expenses

Many companies will only quote you on the LED Display panels, Video Controller, Hanging Bars, and Flight Cases. Then when it’s time to place the order, they’ll tag on additional line items that weren’t a part of the initial quote. We advise you to get ALL the numbers in front of you before signing an agreement. These hidden expenses to watch for include:

1. Shipping – Most panels come from overseas. How much is shipping costing?

2. Taxes – Find out what your state taxes are for this project. If you’re tax – exempt, make sure to provide a certificate.

3. Warranty – Is there a warranty included with the equipment? We recommend securing no less than 2 years of warranty.

4. Spare Parts – This is very important that you have enough spare modules and power supplies to last you from 3-5yrs. Your vendor can’t simply produce new modules for you a year down the road. If they do, the coloring will be off. LED panels come in color batches and can’t be mix-matched with separate batches.

5. Installation Cost – It’s important that you find out the exact installation cost including labor, materials, and mapping.

6. Power – You’ll want to find out the exact power requirements that you’ll need in your space to power up the video wall. Will you need to hire an electrician prior to installation? How much will that cost?

Finally, this is a big project you’re tackling and you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a company that will make this process as easy as possible.