How to bad weather LED outdoor movie screen

 Outdoor movie screens are often affected by severe weather such as high temperature, strong winds, heavy rains and thunder and lightning, so the degree of resistance of outdoor screens to interference will be higher and higher. 

A lighter situation may just damage the LED screen, and a serious situation may cause a fire. So how should the LED outdoor display respond to such harsh environmental weather conditions ?

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1. Anti - high temperature

Because outdoor movie display screens usually have a relatively large area, the power consumption during the application process will also be relatively large, and the relative heat will also be relatively high. 

Coupled with the natural environment temperature outside, we need to solve the temperature of the display box in time. Dehao Ruituo recommends that we can choose a hollow design when designing the housing. which helps to prevent the LED outdoor display screen from falling, and there are strict requirements on the load – bearing steel frame structure of the display. heat.

When installing, choose a place with good ventilation as much as possible, or add some small fans in the box to dissipate heat for the box for 24 hours.

2. Install a lightning rod for the display

Outdoor advertising screens work outdoors for a long it is essential to encounter thunder and lightning weather,

Especially for the southern side, nearly one-third of the year is rainy weather. 

Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions against the weather like rain and thunder. At this time, the method that Dehao Rui Tuo gives users is to install lightning rods.

The length of the lightning rod should be more than ten meters as far as possible, and the best range is between ten and twenty meters.

Moreover, because the installation and maintenance of outdoor screens are not convenient, we can install two or more lightning rods of more than five meters. 

The lightning rods are installed on the steel structure at a distance of 5 – 10 meters from both sides of the display and welded or bolted to the steel structure. Connection, in order to better ensure the stability of the lightning rod.

3. Grounding situation

Keep the grounding resistance of the steel structure below 10 ohms, so that you can no longer make another ground network. 

However, if it is above 10 ohms, you need to sit a ground net next to the steel structure, use 4 meters long, 

5×50 galvanized angle steel to drive into the ground, and use 5×50 galvanized flat steel to make the galvanized angle steel connect them.

Such an operation not only takes time and effort, but also wastes the user’s usage cost.

4. Prevent strong wind

Outdoor fixed LED display screens are used, so the installation environment will have a variety of situations, such as wall – mounted, inlaid, 

Column – mounted, suspended, and so on.

For outdoor LED display screens like the column is necessary to consider the protection against strong winds. 

In order to prevent the screen of the outdoor LED advertising screen from being blown off by the strong wind. 

We must have strict requirements on the load – bearing steel frame structure of the display screen. 

It must be designed and installed strictly in accordance with the typhoon resistance standard, and at the same time.

Have a certain degree of earthquake resistance. It is recommended that the protection grade be above IP65.

Protecting the outdoor LED display is the responsibility of every LED display manufacturer.

As a company, not only must the user’s product quality issues be considered, but also the user’s later use and safety issues.

So that users can buy them as much as possible. Don’t worry, use comfortably.