How to tackle extreme weather for LED outdoor movie screen?

Extreme weather such as high temperature, strong winds, heavy rains and thunder often give a challenge to LED Outdoor movie screen.

As such, it needs a higher degree of resistance to tackle so that it can function as normal. 

And so how should the LED outdoor display well prepared to face for these potential harsh environmental weather conditions ?

%name How to bad weather LED outdoor movie Screen

1. Anti - high temperature

As surface area for LED outdoor movie display screen are large,  it also need to have certain brightness to let the screen being seen.

So the power consumption and the machine temperature is usually high too.  

On top of this, the natural temperature is high too especially during daytime of summer.

So … to prevent overheat of the display box, we recommend to choose a place with good ventilation and add some small fans in the box to dissipate the heat.

2. Install a lightning rod for the outdoor display

Outdoor advertising screens always working outside and so it is essential to have a preventive action to thunder and lightning weather.

It is a must to install a lightning rod for the LED outdoor display screen.

It needs to install a lightning rod with ten meters or more.

And the optimum length is in between ten and twenty meters, depends on the size of the outdoor LED display screen.

Moreover, due to the inconvenience for further maintenance after the outdoor screen is installed,

so usually it will also install two or more lightning rods with more than five meters length. 

The lightning rods are installed on the steel structure at a distance of 5 – 10 meters from both sides of the display.

And it should be well bolted to the steel structure to  ensure the stability of the lightning rod.

3. Grounding situation

Suggest to keep below 10 ohms for the grounding resistance of the steel structure.

Although you can no longer make another ground network, but if it is setting above 10 ohms…

You need to sit a ground net next to the steel structure, which need 4 meters long.

Also 5×50 galvanized angle steel to drive into the ground, and use 5×50 galvanized flat steel to make the galvanized angle steel connect them.

Such an operation is not only using extra time and effort, but also wasting user’s unnecessary usage cost.

4. Prevent strong wind

There are different kind of installation methods for Outdoor LED display screen 

Such as wall – mounted, inlaid, column – mounted, suspended, and so on.

For outdoor LED display screens like the column type, it is necessary to consider the protection against strong winds.

So that it can prevent the screen of the outdoor LED advertising screen from being blown off by the strong wind. 

We must have a strict requirements on the load – bearing steel frame structure of the display screen, and it must be designed and installed strictly in accordance with the typhoon resistance standard.

In some area with potential occurrence of earthquake, it is also need to have a certain degree of earthquake resistance with recommendation of protection grade at IP65 or above.

Protecting the outdoor LED display is the responsibility of every LED display manufacturer.

As a company, not only to consider the product quality  but also the after-sales service  and safety issues.

To let every users to buy and use them with comfortably and confidence.