How to save energy on LED display

%name How to save energy on LED display
%name How to save energy on LED display

1. The LED display screen made of environmentally – friendly materials is selected. After a special processing technology, the screen body can be waterproof, dust-proof and UV – proof without glue filling. Compared with the products produced by the general process, the consumables are less and more environmentally friendly.

2. The 39mm ultra – thin body, the thickness is reduced by 40 % compared with the conventional small-pitch products, the screen is placed on the wall, and the screen wall is integrated.

3. Design the brightness adjustment device. The brightness of the use occasion is different under different weather conditions. In order to make the LED display achieve the best display effect, neither too bright nor too dark, the LED display is specially designed with a brightness adjustment device of 256 levels. And the function of automatically adjusting the brightness according to the surrounding environment can ensure that the LED display screen can present a good display effect to the audience under various external brightness environments.

4. Constant current noise reduction technology. The LED display driver chip adopts the international advanced LED display special chip system, which is the leading manufacturer in the field of full – color LED display. Combined with its chip characteristics, research has formed a constant current noise reduction technology to ensure that the impact of other noise source factors such as power supply on the LED electronic display is extremely low. Some driver ICs can also save energy from the original 5V voltage to 2.8 – 4.2V to achieve the energy-saving function.

5. The strong convection heat exhaust system makes the heat dissipation system stable. The LED display will release more heat after long time work. If the heat is not released in time, it will cause damage to the screen to a certain extent and affect the normality of the screen use. In order to ensure the normal operation of the display in a stable environment, it is necessary to strengthen the heat dissipation system of the LED display.

After research, CHENKSE has developed a heat convection channel system, which uses the heat conduction effect of aluminum to make the LED display cooling system more stable.

6. Power supply. The realization of LED energy-saving display screens is mainly based on the power supply. The existing LED display screens directly use half-bridge or full – bridge high – efficiency switching power supplies, plus synchronous rectification has significant energy – saving effects. Reduce the power supply voltage as much as possible under the constant current state of the driver IC, and achieve better energy-saving effects by separately supplying power for the red, green and blue dies.

If the choice of LED display can start from the five aspects of material selection, brightness adjustment, noise reduction treatment, heat dissipation improvement and power supply, then the LED display can also make its own efforts for energy conservation and environmental protection.