Outdoor Big Screens for Advertising

The only technology that can be used for very large screen displays is light emitting diode or LEDs. With this panel technology, you can literally have screens larger than the side of the proverbial barn. Cathode ray tube (CRT), liquid crystal and plasma technologies come nowhere near, and neither does organic electroluminescence. LED technology can be used for outdoor screen as well as mobile LED screen applications.

LED displays are in general modular screens. The size of large screens can be multiplied by simply adding more cabinets to the original. This makes the size larger, expanding the total display area. It also improves quality by enhancing the overall resolution without any losses.

The largest screen that can be fabricated is limited to a diagonal size of about 274 cms. For plasma display panels, the largest diagonal length would be about 381 cms. Front projection, though possible in some cases, will not be a practical solution for really large, outdoor displays. For displays that are compatible with large, outdoor dimensions, LED is the only technological answer.

LEDs self-emitting diodes make for very high brightness. Because of this technology, the brightness of LED screens can be increased many fold. LEDs can provide brightness of up to 5000 to 8000 candelas per square meter, while the maximum that PDP can offer is only about 1600 candelas per square meter. Another disadvantage about LCD and plasma screens is that because they are flat, they tend to reflect sunlight into the audience, distorting vision. As LED panels are not flat, in this case sunlight is angled away from the crowd.

Any large screen mounted in a large arena must have the capability to display images of the highest quality, irrespective of where you are sitting. Screens made with LED offer a viewing angle of about 150 degrees. This is because each large LED display is actually made up of many small LED units, which can each emit light. In addition, colours of these images also do not get degraded, no matter what the angle of sight. Spectators sitting even 200 meters away from an LED display board having dimensions of 10 meters by 10 meters can clearly see numerical data as well as the names of players on the screen.

Without a doubt, LED display technology is the best in class solution for all big screen applications, be they in large stadia, or outdoor advertising.

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