CHENKSE 1.5mm Pixel Pitch-UHD Indoor LED Displays

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Product effect

Support HDR function, color depth 16bit, color gamut coverage rate 75.8%, perfect high contrast, up to 6000:1.

1.5mm Pixel Pitch-UHD Indoor LED Displays

LED Video Displays

LED Displays Cabinet Design

LED displays cabinet Using magnesium aluminum alloy die-casting box, high hardness, good precision and light weight;

Circuit board design

LED Displays Circuit board Integrated filtering method,EMC interference is 5dB lower. than the traditional design, so that the product can easily pass the A-level standard;

IC design

The driver IC dynamic energy saving and module. power supply voltage adopts 3.8-4.2V scheme. 

PWM type high-end IC, low steering voltage. good gray-scale display effect under low brightness conditions, refresh ≥3840Hz;

FP Series-FP15

FP series is CHENKSE’s indoor high-resolution LED displays. excellent seamless effect. FP series includes all the necessary functions to maximize the stability and reliability of the LED walls.

Excellent viewing experience

Each tile has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and the original Full HD or UHD LED screens.

This allows the full display of the video in the most common format without the need for compressed or unused canvas.

Easy to install and maintain

Since these LED Dispalys cabinets are designed for wall-mounted installation. they can be fully accessed from the back and/or front-thus creating.

Excellent image quality

Fast-moving images will not show image tearing or video icing. Automatic calibration can ensure that the entire wall is completely uniform at any time.

Stability and reliability

To support the use of Direct LED Screens in critical environments and prevent downtime. power and data redundancy can be integrated in FP09 In addition.

All FP series monitors have a three-year product warranty


Low gray

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FP Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High refresh

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FP Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays

High contrast

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FP Series LED Dipalys

Ordinary LED displays


FP LED DISPLAYS is composed of many 16:9 LED cabinet .

The resolution can reach 2K/4K/8k, without any stitching and gaps. the most significant feature. 

The colors are more natural, to bring the real content to life.

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%name FP15

Front service cabinet, easy to install

Module features:

1. A module that supports indoor front and rear dual services.

2. Pre-service with strong magnet, easy to repair and disassemble.

3. Unique honeycomb design, firm and flat, high precision.

Front Service Cabinet features:

Heat dissipation:

Efficient conduction heat dissipation, fanless silent power supply


Assembling: self-developed quick lock, seamless splicing, tool-free, and complete installation by hand

Wide viewing angle

The vertical and horizontal viewing angles can reach up to 160°. Providing a wide viewing angle.

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%name FP15

Front service installation design without maintenance access

All cabinets can be inserted in the front, front-service wall-mounted LED small spacing solution. 

No maintenance channel, LED display can be installed close to the wall.

LED DISPLAYS Easy installation

Regardless of indoor or outdoor LED displays.
The installation of full-color LED displays is moving in a “simplified” direction.
The front service LED display can be installed and removed from the front for easy maintenance.
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%name FP15

Flexible Installation and High Reliability

Our FP LED screen is able to be done with the flexible installation with a curved shape or 90 degrees. The screen is designed for 24×7 operation. With its great visual performance, it catches lots of attention since its launch.

LED displays input media function

1. DVI interface

DVI interface, namely digital video interface.

2. VGA interface

VGA interface is a dedicated interface for computer output data using VGA standard.

3. HDMI interface

HDMI is interface standard.its full name is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. 

4. SDI interface

Adopt coaxial cable, with BNC interface as the cable standard.

5. USB interface

Universal Serial Bus.

6. WIFI function and cloud

WIFI function and cloud to remotely replace the video and picture content of the LED display through the compute

%name FP15
%name FP15

Wide Application

Widely used in command and dispatch center,security monitoring,video conference, television broadcast,exhibition and display,cinema and other professional fields.