%name How to buy the right LED Panel?

How to buy the Right LED display ?


LED display panel  is composed of LED lamp beads and PC panel. It uses red, blue, and green LED lamp beads to display text, pictures, animation, and video. The content of the screen can be changed at any time.

The traditional LED display is usually composed of LED module, control system and power supply system. LED module is composed of LED lamp beads, responsible for lighting and displaying. The control system controls the lamp beads in the corresponding area of the LED module, and let the screen to display detailed content, monochrome and dual – color screens are mainly used to play text and image. But full – color screens are mainly used to play animation and video. The power supply system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current into the voltage and current required by the display.

LED display can be seen everywhere in people’s daily life. At present, full – color indoor and outdoor LED displays are the most used. So how do we choose the right LED display when we want to buy ?

Here are a few important selection factors:

The scene where the screen is used. LED display are divided into indoor and outdoor types. The outdoor LED display should have higher brightness. Due to the large outdoor viewing distance, we can choose some large-pixel pitch models. LED displays are also divided into fixed types and movable types. Fixed type LED displays are usually used in stations, shopping malls, large buildings and other occasions. The fixed type LED displays frame is mainly made of iron, and the outdoor one is fully waterproof. Movable LED display screens are usually used in concerts and evening parties, and it’s main feature is that they are movable and easy to disassemble. The movable type LED displays frame is mainly made of die – cast aluminum, which is lighter than the iron frame.

Pixel pitch: The distance from the lamp bead to the lamp bead is called the pixel pitch, in mm (millimeters). First of all, we need to select the most suitable pixel pitch according to the viewing distance of the screen. Taking p4 as an example, the best viewing distance of the screen is 4 meters or more.

For outdoor screens, the pixel pitch must first be determined. In addition to the occasion factors mentioned before, the selection of the pixel pitch should also consider the installation location and viewing distance. The farther the viewing distance between the installation position and the subject, the larger the pixel pitch should be, because the larger the pixel pitch, the more LEDs in the pixel, the higher the brightness. And the farther the effective viewing distance. However, the larger the pixel pitch, the lower the pixel resolution per unit area of the screen and the less content displayed.

Brightness. LED brightness is an important determinant of display brightness. The higher the brightness of the LED, the greater the margin for the use of current, which is good for saving power and keeping the LED stable. LEDs have different angle values. When the brightness of the chip is fixed, the smaller the angle, the brighter the LED, but the smaller the viewing angle of the display. Generally, a 100 – degree LED should be selected to ensure sufficient viewing angle of the display. For LED displays with different pixel pitches and different viewing distances, a balance should be found in brightness, angle and price.

The above are just a few selection elements that we need to pay attention to when purchasing LED displays. When purchasing LED displays, you should choose a suitable display according to the characteristics of different LED displays and the actual needs of user