LED Video wall popularity has grown exponentially in recent years because of the seamless delivery of quality video on a platform. CHENKSE is leading the charge with the highest quality display solutions that have been installed around the world. Our LED Screen panels combine perfectly to offer a variety of resolution options for both indoor and outdoor applications.

CHENKSE LED Walls have taken center stage at many popular concerts. We offer a wide variety of award – winning LED displays that are seamless, providing clear and detailed imaging. Our solution have density ranging from 0.9 to 16mm in indoor, outdoor, curable and creative configurations.

Video wall displays are giant screens typically used outdoors, made by LED screen modules, located on high – traffic areas. Advertising through these a large LED displays is one of the most striking and up  – to – date currently existing advertising methods. The large advertising surface offered by these screens and its location makes them very visible to a massive group of people through the day.

 These LED screens are designed to operate 24 / 7, during many years, under any weather condition, without affecting the performance.

Visibility is guarantee, even under direct sunlight and night hours, thanks to our high-resolution LEDs  ( HD, 4K, etc )  and its high – luminosity integrated LEDs. Of course,this must be controlled by an automatic system that will adjust brightness and contrast.

 LED video walls can be adapted to multiple types of support structures: poles, billboards, digital monopoles, roofs and more.

%name LED Video Walls: High Quality, Weather Resistant Displays for Indoor and Outdoor Advertising | CHENKSE
%name LED Video Walls: High Quality, Weather Resistant Displays for Indoor and Outdoor Advertising | CHENKSE


Our large format solutions are designed with a special high luminosity pixel pitch, in order to make it bright and visible, even from far way. Pixel Pitch is an important feature that will determine visibility in large – format LED screens.

Choosing a reduced pixel pitch for large formats will increase the price of a screen, also leading to high and unnecessary power consumption costs without having a big impact on image quality. On the other hand, choosing an exaggerated pixel pitch will impair the resolution and quality of the image. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when choosing the correct pixel pitch for each size.




Pixel ( Pitch ) mm

P5, P6, P8, P10,

Maximum brightness

9000-12.000 nits

Average duration

120.000 h.




5.000 Hz


Our giant LED screens have been designed to be located indoors and outdoors; making it suitable to installing in multiple digital advertising supports like::


  • Poles
  • Canopies
  • Digital billboards
  • Monopoles
  • LED Video Walls

Not all displays can be located outdoors. Our solutions are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, as they are made of highly waterproofed LED panels.

Outdoor displays must have a IP54 and IP65 level of protection. Higher levels such as IP67, won’t be able to work continuously in hot environmental conditions without additional cooling systems.


 CHENKSE offers configurable, modular, and option-rich products to satisfy unique requirements.  Build walls of any size.  Color match the display to the wall or brand colors.  Embed open frame monitors into a custom fixture enclosure.  Utilize mounting, processing, or professional services for the perfect installation. CHENKSE’s flexibility starts at meeting project requirements and opens up a world of creative possibilities. In addition, our screens includes our proprietary control system.